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Toyota dyna-route-van

Toyota Dyna route van

First manufactured in the 1950’s, the Toyota Dyna is a cab over vehicle marketed as the twin model of Toyoace. Its name was derived from the word “dynamic,” which best describes the versatile and multifunctional trucks and vans under its nameplate. In other countries, the Toyota Dyna is also advertised as the Hino Dutro and Daihatsu Delta, and it is most popular for its performance-based engine and its large seating/cargo capacity. As Dyna trucks take the car market by storm, the Dyna Route Van was produced between the year 1957 and 1967 to provide versatility to van and truck enthusiasts. The Dyna Route Van bears great resemblance to the legendary Toyota Hiace van, but it shares the same chassis with the Dyna truck, making it highly distinct. Put simply, the Dyna Route Van combines functionality, reliability and durability at a budget-friendly price.