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Import regulations and procedures for used cars in Sri-Lanka

Ports of Delivery in Sri Lanka

CarUsed.Jp uses strategically-located ports to optimize your comfort and convenience as you pick up your pre-purchased vehicle. Now, you don’t have to worry about delays and hassles in shipment and delivery because we are always one step ahead in processing your orders and requests.

So if you plan to import used cars in Sri Lanka, all you need to do is complete your purchase and pick up your vehicle at the port of Hambantota.

Car Import Regulations in Sri Lanka

Learning the specialized set of rules and regulations in importing a second-hand vehicle in your country can help you save valuable time, money and energy.

As a guide, below are some of the important guidelines you need to know before you import used cars in Sri Lanka:

Age Restriction

In Sri Lanka, all used cars must be under 3 years old while vans and dual-purpose vehicles must not be over 4 years old.

Car Import Taxation and Charges in Sri Lanka

All import used cars in Sri Lanka are subject to car import fees that are dependent on different factors. Clink on the link for a complete guide on the car import taxation fees in Sri Lanka
Learn more about Car Import Taxation Fees

Car Inspection in Sri Lanka

Pre shipment export inspection: Before importing to Sri Lanka, One must first have a "Pre Shipment Export Inspection Certificate" which is laminated and bearing an embossed hologram of the official seal with an additional certified copy(this copy doesn't need to have the embossed hologram seal nor need to be laminated) issued by Bureauveritas/JAAI/Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center Co. Ltd,.

Only right-hand drive vehicles can be imported in Sri Lanka.

Other Requirements

  • Bill of Lading (original copy)
  • Passport
  • Import license
  • Car purchase invoice
  • Registration certificate (original copy)
  • Approval from the Transport Ministry
  • Insurance certificate
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