Import Used Trucks from Japan

More than 1,600 Dealers / Buyers have parnered with us! We provide great benefits to dealers who buy in bulk!
"There's a used truck I want, but I can't find it"
"I don't know what I should look for in a used truck"
"I know the type of engine I want, but I still don't know what model or car type I should go with. I wonder if you have any advice for me?"
"I want Canter 4D32, 4D33, 4D36 with 2 ton capacity with a flat body and dump". "I want Mitsubishi Fuso with 6D16, 6D17 Air break"
"I want to buy Nissan diesel CW510, CW520, CW530, or Hino FS, FR, FH"
"I want Isuzu Giga's 10 ton truck CXZ81, CXZ82, CYM50, CYM51, CYM52, CYM81, CYL81, CYL51, EXR81, EXR82, but I wonder if there's a seller I can assess."
"I want to buy Mitsubishi Fuso FP515, FU510, FU517, FU410, FU417 and more 10 ton models with dump, and wing van, I can't purchase without detailed pictures."
"I wonder if there's a seller who sells special vehicles like tankers and vacuum trucks"

Feel relaxed! Carused is capable of providing you with a wide selection of vehicles, including 2 ton, 4 ton, 10 ton flat body, dump, alloy wing, as well as special vehicles like camping trucks, cranes, and vacuum trucks.

In 2016 we sold a total of 300 2 ton, 4 ton, and 10 ton trucks. Currently, we are delivering over 50 trucks every month to various countries.

Our current inventory has over 500 vehicles, including over 100 of our partnered truck sellers. Toyota Dyna, Toyoace, Nissan UD, Nissan Diesel, Mitsubishi Canter, Mitsubishi Fuso, Mitsubishi Mignon, Isuzu ELF, FORWARD, Hino Ranger, Dutro, Dolphin, Propia, Rainbow, Mazda Titan, and more vehicles are available.

Additionally, since we are associated with various truck auctioneers all across the country, we get a selection of over 5,000 trucks every week. If you are looking for a truck, please register by entering your personal information below, and the vehicle you are requesting.