Toyota Toyoace with Small body size and Comfortable ride

Toyota Toyoace is one of the most popular work trucks, and it has 7 generations in total. The 5th generation Toyoace was produced based on the design of the Toyota Dyna. The Toyoace was made for lighter duty and smaller payloads, so it came equipped with a smaller engine than the Dyna of the same year. The smaller Hiace and Toyoace models were integrated, and the 5th generation of Toyoace had three models. And It became a mini-truck that could meet the needs of various sizes.


The 5th generation Toyota Toyoace was sold. In addition to the G15, which was a 1.5-ton product until the fourth generation, the new grades, G25 and G35 were added.


The headlights were changed from four round lights to four square lights.

  • before
  • after


Minor change. The door glass was changed from two pieces to one piece.


Both 2t and 3 cabs were equipped with 4WD.


The bumper and corner vanes that keep mud off the steps and door hems became the same color as the body.

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The Average Price of Used fifth generation of the Toyota Toyoace as low as US$3,000!

It can be said that the average new car price of the 2nd generation of Toyota Toyoace is about 11,000 to 19,100 USD. You can save quite a bit of money by buying used Toyoace.

  • Model New Car Price Used Car Price
    YU60 US$ 11,000 - 15,300 US$ 4,500 – 7,350
    BU61 US$ 16,086 - 17,400 US$ 2,700 - 4,300
    BU66 US$ 15,000 - 19,100 US$ 4,600 - 6,000

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Toyota Toyoace vs Mitsubishi Canter

Model Toyota Toyoace (1985-1995) Mitsubishi Canter (1985-1995)
New car prices US$ 11,000 - 15,300 US$ 24,000 - 28,500
Used car prices US$ 4,500 - 7,350 US$ 2,500 - 10,350
Body type Truck
Dimension 4,430 × 1,695 × 1,940 mm 4,690 × 1,695 × 1,990 mm
Displacement 4,200cc cc
Output 98 ps (71kW) / 3,500 rpm 130 ps (96kW) / 3,200 rpm
Fuel Petrol
Transmission 5MT
Seats 3

When you search for Toyota Toyoace, you may see Mitsubishi Canter. Both trucks are heavy-duty work trucks. And They also offer both manual and automatic transmissions.
Mitsubishi Canter is offered in light-duty, mid-duty, and heavy-duty varieties, while Toyota Toyoace is offered only two varieties, light-duty or heavy-duty.
If you are a stickler for interior design, then Toyoace may be more suitable for you. The Toyota Toyoace has a full interior. It provides drivers with a roomy cabin. It comes with wireless door locks. The Toyoace also has an adjustable driver seat. The interior features that Toyota has added to the Toyoace over the years make for one of the highest levels of comfort available in a business truck.
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