The innovative model of Toyota Harrier released in 2013

The 3rd generation Harrier was fully remodeled in December 2013 and had been sold until May 2020. From this model, the design and functionality have evolved significantly (while keeping the tradition) compared to the previous Harrier. In addition, this model was completely separated from Lexus RX and relaunched as a Domestic-only Model.

The exterior has realized a design that symbolizes the new generation Harrier that expresses a new dynamism with a sophisticated impression while inheriting elegant style common to the previous Harrier.

The interior is designed to have the impression of the authenticity of handmade products with modern sophistication. Furthermore, in addition to creating a space that is both spacious and sporty, the front door trim ornament with the Harrier emblem expresses the playfulness and caring about small details.

The 3rd generation Harrier has gained popularity by improving driving performance and safety through one partial improvement and one minor change in the model life of 7 years.


In the full model change, it was equipped with a 151 horsepower 2L in-line 4-cylinder DOHC engine, and the transmission was combined with Super CVT-i(continuously variable transmission). Regarding grades, there are 4 types. 1, the base model "Grand", 2,"Elegance" equipped with fabric(the highest quality)+ synthetic leather seats as standard equipment, 3,"Premium" equipped with 18-inch aluminum wheels as standard equipment, and 4,"Premium Advanced Package" with intelligent clearance sonar and pre-crash safety system as standard equipment. They have been set in response to the taste of the user.

In addition, as equipment, high safety and convenience are realized by advanced technology such as a panoramic view monitor with correct left-right orientation and a lane departure alert with steering control. In addition, it achieved quietness suitable for a high-end crossover SUV, such as the effective placement of sound-absorbing and insulating materials, and while ensuring high steering stability by improving aerodynamic performance and suspension. It achieved a high-quality ride.

  • Before the change
    Before minor change
  • After the change
    After minor change

In the partial improvement in 2015, Harrier's original luxury and sophisticated design "Elegance Gs" were set in the grade lineup to 5 types. Improvements include a panoramic view monitor that adds a see-through view function that displays an image that looks through the vehicle from the driver's seat to the "Premium Advanced Package" and a T-Connect SD navigation system that supports safe and comfortable driving. In addition, safety and advanced equipment have been enhanced, such as expanding the pre-crash safety(option) setting to "Grand". As a special specification car, PREMIUM "Style MAUVE" based around the purple color has been set.


In the minor change in 2017, the 5 types of grade lineup were changed to "Progress", "Premium", "Premium" Metal and Leather Package", "Progress Metal and Leather Package", respectively. Each grade combines a 2L in-line 4-cylinder DOHC gasoline engine with a Super CVT-i.
The exterior became a more dynamic impression with the change in the front face. In addition, the combination lamp was changed to a red luminescent color to realize an iconic design. In terms of safety equipment, it has increased safety and luxury by increasing the number of sensors, installing LED lamps, and setting memory seats.

SD navigation system
SD navigation system
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The Lowest Price of Toyota Harrier is FOB US$ 11,560-!

  • Comparision by Mode Code

    Updated date:
    Model New Car price Used Car price
    ZSU60W US$ 26,400 - US$ 40,780 US$ 11,560 - US$ 30,300
    ZSU65W US$ 28,160 - US$ 42,720 US$ 12,140 - US$ 31,070
    ASU60W US$ 33,000 - US$ 44,180 US$ 21,470 - US$ 29,150
    ASU65W US$ 35,000 - US$ 45,640 US$ 22,720 - US$ 29,150
    AVU65W US$ 35,000 - US$ 48,550 US$ 12,000 - US$ 35,930

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The 3rd generation Harrier was produced between 2013 and 2020, and it may be difficult to export in some countries.

African countries that export a lot of Harrier are relatively loosely regulated, for example. DRC, Malawi, Tanzania, and Uganda can be exported with almost no regulation.
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Compare Models

Toyota Harrier VS Nissan X-Trail

For those who want to buy a Japanese SUV, I would like to introduce other than Harrier, such as Nissan xtrail.

Toyota HARRIER vs Nissan X-TRAIL - Both has a similar specification

Model Toyota Harrier (2013-2020) Nissan X-trail (2013-Now)
New Car Prices US$ 26,000 - US$ 38,000 US$ 20,500 - US$ 32,500
Used Car Prices US$ 12,500 - US$ 25,000 US$ 9,000 - US$ 26,300
Body type SUV
Dimension 4,720 x 1,835 x 1,690 mm 4,690 x 1,820 x 1,740 mm
Engine size 1,986 - 2,500 cc 1,997 cc
Transmission 2WD / 4WD
Seats 5 5 / 7

Toyota Harrier has the best performance even the price is higher than Nissan X-trail

If you only see the price, X-trail is often cheaper. However, Toyota Harrier has become by far the most popular SUV due to its overwhelming sense of luxury, name value and abundant distribution model lineup. The 3rd generation Harrier has a high running performance and also the safety maintenance which is one of the reasons for its popularity.

If you can't spend that much money due to your budget constraints, we recommend you Nissan X-trail which still has a high performance and since it is a Japanese car, there is no problem with safety and durability even if it's used. However, if you don't have those problems, we strongly recommend Harrier because of its high performance engine and popularity.

  • Model Car Price Durability Popularity
    Toyota Harrier
    (2013 - 2020)
    US$ 12,500 - US$ 25,000
    Nissan X-trail
    (2013 - Now)
    US$ 9,000 - US$ 26,300
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