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Car reviews from DR Congo

  • on Jul 13, 2024

    Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a precious vehicle in my country.

  • Review on Toyota Rush
    on Jul 13, 2024

    Good car for family transport.

  • on Jul 13, 2024

    Toyota Probox Van is using for common transport in DRC.

  • Review on Nissan JUKE
    on Jul 13, 2024

    Juke is a good female car.

Agents Information in DR Congo

Aigles Trading Service

Address 18 Avenue Maniema Lubumbashi DRC
Phone +243 857 558 372 / +243 997 923 685


Address 6 Avenue Luvua Lubumbashi DRC
Phone +243 813 662 222


Address Av. P.E Lumumba, dans le Batiment MUDJANGA/NYAWERA, a cote de VISION SHALA
Phone +243 995 825 921 / +243 853 103 719

DR Congo Used Car Import Policy

To Import used cars from Japan to Congo - Kinshasa is very simple. There are several regulations put in place by the government to restrict the importation of vehicles. Here are the necessary guidelines that will need to be followed while importing a car to this country.

Age restrictions

There is no age restriction in Congo - Kinshasa

Required restrictions

There is no specific inspection on used vehicles imported into Congo Kinshasa. However, the vehicle will need to be inspected before being imported into Congo Kinshasa. The preliminary import inspection for the country is mandated by the DGDA and the OCC, the Ministry of Commerce. If the imported vehicle does not meet the standards, modifications will be made to the vehicle.

Required restrictions

  • An original or certified copy of the vehicle registration document (V5C or logbook).
  • Transport document called "maritime bill of lading". This document must display the chassis number, engine number and cubic capacity, year of manufacture, make and model.
  • Commercial or purchase invoice.
  • Legal transport certificate.
  • Original vehicle inspection certificate or legal copy from the country of origin.

Port of delivery in DR Congo

To import cars to Congo DRC we have selected three ports of delivery from Japan.
You can pick up your cars at any of the following ports.

  1. Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
  2. Mombasa (Kenya)
  3. Durban (South Africa)

Payment Options

  • Bank

    Pay with Bank Transfer

    Make the wire transfer (telegraphic transfer) using the Proforma Invoice

  • PayPal

    Pay with PayPal

    Pay online with PayPal. PayPal accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover

How to buy from yourself

If you are already an experienced buyer, it will be easier for you to buy directly and save time.
  1. Choose a car

    Choose a car

  2. Inquire


  3. Payment


  4. Confirmation and Shipment

    Confirmation and Shipment

  5. Delivery


  6. Claiming


3 reasons to buy from

  • Capital tie-up with Toyota Group

    We are the only used car exporter in Japan who has an official partnership with Toyota Tsusho Corporation (Toyota Group). We can supply various quality Toyota brand cars more exclusively than others.

  • 98% satisfaction rate

    Selling to more than 100 countries, we have a 98% satisfaction rate. Check testimonials and see what our users say!

  • Access to more than 140,000 cars

    We have access to more than 140,000 cars including auction system! Choose from various models and if you don't see the model you want, please contact us which we can search from Japanese auctions!

Recommended units for Congo users

Since Congo has no age restrictions, you have various choices to import from Japan.
We would like to introduce some recommended and popular used cars for Congo!

Toyota Hiace Van RZH112V

If you are looking for such a car that has spacious space that enables it to carry as many luggages with high safety performance, Toyota Hiace Van would be one of the best choices. Toyota HiAce is a light commercial vehicle that is used in a variety of ways. In addition, good visibility is one of the reasons why many drivers all over the world favores Toyota Hiace. You can get used hiace for reasonable price from the link below.

Search Toyota Hiace Van for sale

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VZJ120W

Toyota Land Cruiser gets a high reputation from its off-road capability and powerful engine. Since Land Cruiser Prado has diff lock and traction control systems makes Land Cruiser Prado perform well. Furthermore, its 5.7-liter V-8 engine makes the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado more attractive. If you look for car that you can drive in any road, we would recommend Land Cruiser Prado.

Search Land Cruiser Prado for sale

Mitsubishi Canter FE305BD 2Tonne

When you look for a mini truck or kei truck, you would find the Mitsubishi Canter first because of its popularity. Mitsubishi Canter is produced as a light-duty commercial vehicle, and has become one of the famous kei trucks for its reliability and powerful engine. 4D32 has been favored by many drivers because it has 110ps(96kW)/3200rpm as maximum output, and 3600cc-displacement. Also, the attractive point is that Mitsubishi Canter has a high deck body that enables it to drive on rough roads. Check and get your canter trucks for a reasonable price from the link below!

Search Mitsubishi Canter for sale

Recommended cars for sale under $1000 updates the Hot Deals vehicles every Tuesday at 1pm (JST).
There are about 20 cars updated there every week with limited time discounts and great deals, so come check it out!

Visit Hot Deals

Sometimes, we supply Japanese used cars under $1000.
In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best vehicles that you can buy for less than $1000 which we recommend to Congo users! The chances for getting cars under $1000 are limited, so check our website often.

Toyota Passo KGC10

Toyota Passo is a kei or compact-sized car produced by the collaboration of Toyota and Daihatsu. The popular characteristics of Toyota Passo are its fuel efficiency and its unique Power Window design. As it has a tiny displacement and smaller engine which has 1.0- and 1.3-litre, Toyota Passo would offer good fuel economy with affordable maintenance. In addition, Power Window design is an attractive point because this design enables people to move windows with low force exertion.

Search Toyota Passo for sale

Nissan Caravan Bus

Nissan Caravan bus is a line of Nissan Caravan which was produced as a light commercial van by Nissan in 1973. Nissan Caravan buses are 4WD and 3,000cc-displacement cars, and its spacious space which is 4.99 (length) x 1.69(width) x 2.28(height)is the point to buy. As the space is huge, about 10 people can ride, and you can also carry more luggages. If you look for bus and light commercial van for a cheap price, Nissan Caravan Bus is one of the best option.

Search Nissan Caravan Bus for sale

Daihatsu Mira L275V

Daihatsu mira, also known as Cuore, Domino and Charade in the world, is a kei or city car produced by Daihatsu. You can find the best option from the varied type of options and model variations. Mira has basic kei car mode, van mode, multi-stop truck mode, suv model and so on. If you want to buy a car for a cheap price but with the best options for you, check Daihatsu Mira!

Search Daihatsu Mira for sale