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Import regulations and procedures for used cars in Kenya

Ports of Delivery in Kenya

CarUsed.Jp understands your need for fast and efficient car export services, and this is why we selected a port that is strategically located in Kenya. Once you complete the purchase process, we will deliver your pre-purchased vehicle at Mombasa port.

Car Import Regulations in Kenya

However, if you plan to import used cars in Kenya, you must first learn about the rules and regulations of your country. By running a quick and thorough research on the regulations set by the government in Kenya, you can filter your options and make an informed decision.

As a guide, below are some of the important pointers you should know before you import used cars in Kenya:

Age Restriction

In Kenya, a used car must be registered for no longer than 8 years to qualify for importation. Additionally, the gap between the year or manufacture and the year of registration should be 1 year or less. Otherwise, the car cannot be imported in Kenya.

Car Import Taxation and Charges in Kenya

The Importation rules and regulation in Kenya imposes the following import tax rates:

  • Import Duty: Around 25% dutiable value
  • Excise Duty: Around 20% of the sum of import duty and customs value
  • Value Added Tax: 16% of the sum of import duty, customs value and excise duty
  • Import Declaration Fee (IDF): Minimum of 5,000 USD or approximately 2.25% CIF, depending on which is higher

Car Inspection in Kenya

The inspection of all import used cars in Kenya is conducted to rate the overall road condition of the car. If the vehicle fails, it will not be cleared by the customs. Basically, there are 2 types of vehicle inspection used in Kenya, and they are as follows:

  • Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center, also known as JEVIC
  • Quality Inspection Services Japan, also known as QISJ

Other Requirements

  • Original copy of Bill of Lading (BOL)
  • Original copy passport
  • Original copy of commercial invoice
  • Certificate for pre-inspection
  • Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) pin card
  • Vehicle logbook (authentic copy): Other logbooks and certificates are not accepted. In case the content in the logbook is written in a foreign language, a consulate or a high commission in Kenya will translate the content into the English language.
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