Mitsubishi Pajero with compact style and stable driving

Mitsubishi Pajero is a small, crossover vehicle. It's become popular for a variety of uses in a variety of countries. It's one of the original, and in the crossover market, Mitsubishi Pajero is the most reliable crossover vehicles. With the small and compact style, it has great for a wide variety of uses. The second generation of the Mitsubishi Pajero focused on combining the three abilities of running, turning, and stopping at a high level.


The second generation Pajero was on sale. The structure is designed to withstand various weather conditions, including a triangular notch for snow-covered areas.
Equipped with the world's first multimode ABS.


Minor changes. In order to enhance safety, the side under mirror was mounted on the tip of the left fender. This gives a wider field of vision.


Minor changes. The Emblem was changed from MMC to MITSUBISHI. The new engines included the 6G74(a 3,500 cc V6) and the 4M40 (a 2,800 cc inline four-cylinder intercooler turbo diesel). The first off-road 4WD to be equipped with the SRS airbag system.


The second-row seats of the three-row Pajero were changed to separate type.

  • before
  • after

Minor changes.
On the exterior, blister fenders have been adopted. The interior also incorporated an LCD screen.


The second generation was discontinued in Japan, but was sold overseas until 2002.

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Market Price

The average Price of Used second generation of the Mitsubishi Pajero US$5,500!

It can be said that the average new car price of the 2nd generation of Pajero is about 1,850 to 8,200 USD. You can save quite a bit of money by buying a Mitsubishi Pajero.

  • Model New Car Price Used Car Price
    V46WG USD $24,000 - 35,000 USD $4,300 - 7,000
    V26WG USD $23,000 - 31,000 USD $2,000 - 7,700
    V65W USD $26,000 - 39,000 USD $4,000 - 6,200

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Compare Models

Mitsubishi Pajero vs Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Model Mitsubishi Pajero 2nd (1991-1999) Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 1st (1990-1996)
New car price USD $23,000 - 35,000 USD $24,000 - 28,500
Used car price USD $4,400 - 7,000 USD $2,800 - 18,000
Body type SUV
Displacement 2,835 cc 2,693 cc
Dimension 4,650 × 1,785 × 1,900 mm 4,675 × 1,820 × 1,880 mm
Output 125ps (92 kW) / 4,000 rpm 150ps (110 kW) / 4,800 rpm
Transmission light oil Petrol
Seats 7 8

When you search for Mitsubishi Pajero, you may see Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. Both cars are in the same class.
Land Cruiser Prado has many body colors available, including two-tone colors such as brown and light beige. And Pajero is only available for seven passengers, but Land Cruiser Prado has an eight-passenger model, so it is possible to travel with a large group with this car.
On the other hand, Land Cruiser Prado has a large range of purchase prices, and is generally priced higher than Pajero. And Pajero uses light oil, but Land Cruiser Prado uses gasoline. So, if you want to get a car at a discount or ride for a long time, Pajero can help you to save money.