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Top 10 left-hand drive models that are popular overseas!!

The traffic rules are not universal, and there are various rules for each country and area. About 160 countries are the right-hand traffic, while about 70 countries such as United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, India, Hong Kong, Kenya, and South Africa, etc. are the left-hand traffic. Depending on the country, rules differ, for example, when right and left steering wheels can be imported, and the steering wheel on one side cannot be imported. If you have any concerns, please contact and our staff who are familiar with the rules of each country will help you!

In Japan, the number of the right-hand steering wheel is overwhelmingly large, but in fact, the left-hand steering wheel such as Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Peugeot, and Ford, etc. are maintained by European and American manufactures. So, there are many used cars that are great conditions in the used car market in Japan, and they are very popular!

Therefore, this time, we will introduce the popular left-hand steering wheel models and manufacturers in the order of popularity. Please refer to it when importing left-hand steering wheel Cheap used cars such as Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche from Japan.


  • Mercedes-Benz boasts popularity by far the most!
  • Top 10 popular left-hand steering wheel model

Mercedes-Benz boasts popularity by far the most!

Mercedes-Benz's commitment to safety, durability, and high resale value is another reason for its popularity.

Mercedes-Benz (Benz) is the 10th ranked vehicle model with a left-hand steering wheel and is by far the most popular. Mercedes-Benz, a car manufacturer with a long history, started in 1886. It was the same year that German engineer, Karl Benz, produced a motorized tricycle and received a patent from the German government to create the car for the first time.

There was another great German engineer, Gottlieb Daimler, who created the four-wheeled vehicle "Daimler Strulladwagen" in 1889. Benz and Daimler set up an automobile company and worked hard to improve its performance as an industrial product. After that, the two companies merged and started Daimler-Benz as a countermeasure against the economic recession and imported cars due to the First World War. "Mercedes-Benz" brand cars were launched into the world.

Daimler-Benz AG cooperated with Nazi during World War II and also produced fighter aircraft, tanks, and submarine engines. In 1998, it merged with an American automobile manufacturer, Chrysler, and the company name became DaimlerChrysler AG. However, the merger in 2007 was dissolved, and after that, the company name was changed to, Daimler, till the present.

Although the company name went through many changes, the "Mercedes-Benz" brand has continued. One of the points that they have sought as a brand is their commitment to safety. Most cars now have an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), which keeps the tires from spinning during sudden braking to secure safety. This was the first Mercedes-Benz vehicle to be adopted in a mass-produced vehicle, and they have continued to incorporate high technologies that focus on safety.

In addition, Mercedes-Benz cars feature a comfortable ride, few risks of failure, and high durability. It is an environmentally friendly car that strives to be in the widespread use of clean diesel. And as you can see from the established status of "a car for a successful person," the exterior and interior also have a premium feel. For this reason, it is also known as a car with high resale value.

There is also a wide variety of classes, and one of the attractions is that there are many choices depending on the purpose and wishes. Having flagship model S class at the head of the list, and E, C, B, A are ranked.

You can import used Mercedes Benz cars that are in good condition from Japan as well, so please check the car models that you are interested in from the following rankings! In particular, there are many cases where old cars that have been used in Japan for a long time are reimported to Germany!

Top 10 popular left-hand steering wheel model

Then we will announce the ranking of popular left-hand steering wheel vehicles! Even in the same brand, the ranking varies depending on the class.

1st Place: Mercedes Benz SL-Class

Mercedes Benz SL-Class Model Code
230475 129066 107046
230467 129063 107048
SL Class
SL Class

SL-CLASS is a two-seater car sports roadster. The class name SL stems from Sport Leicht and represents the German lightweight sports car, Coupe, cabriolet, and coupe cabriolet type.

Based on the "300SL" (W194) that has been active in races around the world, the development of mass-production sports cars has started. From the second generation (W113), it pursued the high-class, high-performance vehicle, which is still inherited. It continued accordingly: the third generation (R107, 1971-1989), the fourth generation (R129, 1989-2001), the fifth generation (R230, 2001-2011), and the sixth-generation (R231, 2011-). From the 5th generation, it is equipped with a vario roof (electrically retractable hardtop), and it is possible to switch between cabriolet and coupe with a single switch.

The S L class is a model with a sleek, beautiful exterior and classical feeling in the interior. Despite being a sports car, it is also pursuing comfort. You can feel the history of Benz which is probably the secret of its popularity.

2nd Place: Mercedes Benz S-Class

Mercedes Benz S-Class Model Code
220175 221056 221071
221171 126039 126045
220065 220075
S Class
S Class

The S-CLASS is a 4-door sedan vehicle known as the Benz flagship model. The first model was called W116, which was the first mass-produced vehicle equipped with the world's first SRS airbag and aerodynamic performance that gained popularity as a car.

It has continued from the 2nd generation (W126, 1979-1991), 3rd generation (W140, 1991-1998), 4th generation (W220, 1998-2005), 5th generation (W221, 2005-2013), to 6th generation (W222, 2013-). The new technology is installed in each. The second-generation W126 has been popular for a long time among the successive models. Equipped with a "seat belt pretensioner" that rolls up an airbag and the seat belt in the event of a collision. The highest-class model called "560SEL" equipped with a V8 engine is also on sale.

In terms of safety, it continued to adapt cutting-edge knowledges and technology such as ESP®, BAS, DISTRONIC that secures the distance between vehicles, and PRE-SAFE® that reduces occupant damage in the event of a collision even after the third generation. There are various types of engines, including cars equipped with a V type 12-cylinder engine.

A high-class Saloon with an impressive exterior and a distinctive presence as a sedan. The interior is equipped with a radar safety package, and various luxurious specifications such as genuine leather seats, seat heaters (all seats), seat ventilation (front seats), and panoramic sunroof, etc. as standard equipment.

3rd Place: Mercedes Benz E-Class

Mercedes Benz E-Class Model Code
124036 211076 E55
E Class
E Class

The model currently called E-Class is a 4-door sedan, which is the main model of Benz. It was called medium class from its release from 1985 to 1993. The size is between S class and C class of the 6th place, and it belongs to the E segment in the passenger car classification centered on Europe. Other companies have the same classification as the BMW 5 Series, Audi A6, and Toyota Crown as Japanese cars.

2nd generation (W210, 1995-2002), 3rd generation (W211, 2002-2009), 4th generation / C207 (W212, 2009-2016), and 5th generation, W213, were released from 2016.

The early model had a body design with an angular and original appearance, but now it has changed to rounded design. It also added a lineup of 5-door station wagons and 2-door coupe. The interior has a stylish and simple design based on the concept of "enjoy with your five senses and the comfort of the next generation."

4th Place: Mercedes Benz G-Class

Mercedes Benz G-Class Model Code
G Class
G Class

Born in 1979, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is a car that was originally a military car but was made for the public. Basically, it is gaining popularity as a crossover machine that was created similar to SUV cars, which are built with an emphasis on off-road driving performance. "Geländewagen", which means off-loader in German, is the root of the first generation W460, and the initials are also the origin of the model name G.

The first generation has a simple and rustic design with a ladder-type ladder frame. After that, the engine and interior were greatly improved from the first generation, but the basic structure continued to have the original line. In 1991, some minor change was adapted. The black color of the headlight area became the same color as the car body, and the fender arch molding was standardized.

W461 model/W462 model is basically military models, but customized special models are also on sale. In 1989, the second generation W463 model was launched. Full-time 4WD, the exterior of over fenders and side steps, and other interior parts have become more luxurious and closer to passenger car specifications.

5th Place: Mercedes Benz CL-Class

Mercedes Benz CL-Class Model Code
215375 215378
CL Class
CL Class

CL class is a Benz Coupe type luxury car model. Unlike a sedan, this type has a high design. The first generation was called C140 and was manufactured from 1996 to 1998. After that, the second-generation C215 (1999-2005), and the current third generation C216 (2006-) are on sale.

Since it was only developed as an S-class coupe type, it has a high-quality design with a totally luxurious and elegant atmosphere. The body is getting bigger after a model change. The current C216 has a radar safety package that detects obstacles with radar and automatically activates brakes, active body control that actively controls suspension, and 7-speed automatic transmission of forward 7 speed and backward 2 speed (7G-TRONIC) are standard equipment. The specifications also focus on acceleration performance and fuel economy.

6th Place: Mercedes Benz C-Class

Mercedes Benz C-Class Model Code
203042 203045
C Class
C Class

Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a 4-door sedan that belongs to the D segment in the passenger car classification centered on Europe. D-segment cars include Audi A4 and BMW 3 series among other companies, and Honda Accord and Subaru Legacy B4 among Japanese cars.

Compared to other car models, it features a slightly compact body. The first generation W202 was manufactured and sold from 1993 to 2000. Mercedes-Benz uses alphabets for the car name and grade name, and there are A class to E class and S class. But C class to D segment vehicles are generally said to have a value as a "luxury car". So, if you want the value of Benz, you should look for more than the C class, and this model would be most suitable for the first purchase.

The second-generation W203 (2000-2007) to the third generation W204 (2007-2014), the current fourth generation W205 (2014-) have been released. There are station wagons, coupe, and cabriolet in addition to sedans.

In the current c-class, the focus is on "safety", which is the commitment of Mercedes-Benz, and the advanced driver assistance system is equivalent to the highest-grade S-class. It is also equipped with "Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC" which has a steering assist function, and " Active Lane Change Assist" which automatically changes lanes.

In addition, the new "C 200" hybrid system is installed, making it a powerful and fuel-saving vehicle, and it rides smoothly.

7th Place: BMW

Z3 Z4 7 Series
CN22 BT30 GF40
BMW 7 Series
BMW 7 Series

BMW is an automobile and engine maker based in Munich, Bayern state, Germany. While focusing on a full-seater 4-door sedan, their exterior is based on a sporty look. As with Mercedes-Benz, it has a rich lineup of car models.

The following are the most popular car models.

  • BMW Z3
    It was introduced in 1996 as a coupe and an open car. The exterior is designed by Japanese designer, Joji Nagashima who played an important role in Opel and Renault, and it is a 2-seater open car (roadster). The long nose, which is synonymous with sports cars, and the beautiful form of the short deck are the main characteristics. It also appeared as a Bond car in the movie "007". Production has ended in only one generation, and in that sense, it is a rare car.
  • BMW Z4
    Z4, which was introduced in 2002, is positioned as a higher model of Z3, and its body is in the form of a coupe or roadster. The 2nd generation was released from 2009-2016, and the 3rd generation was launched most recently in 2019. The sporty exterior stands out with its compact body line and intuitive driver-oriented interior. High driving performance is one of the attractions, and the third generation shares the platform with Toyota Supra.
    7 series are BMW's finest saloon and flagship model. Despite being a big-sized sedan, it has a strong character as an owner-driven car, rather than the specification of a chauffeur-driven car (the owner sits in the back seat and leaves the driver to drive). There are also limousine models that offer advanced equipment, special riding comfort, and, of course, excellent rear-seat comfort.

8th Place: Porsche 911 | Model code: 99603

Porsche 911
Porsche 911

911 was released as a flagship of German luxury carmaker Porsche. Since it was produced in 1964, it is still very popular. The old model is also famous as a sports car with enthusiastic fans, which has high popularity in the reuse market.

There have been eight generations (2018-) models since its release. The engine has been consistently placed behind the rear axle, and the RR (rear engine) that moves the rear wheels continues to be used. The body design, especially the characteristic of round headlamps, remains unchanged from the first launch. There are race-specific sports models such as Carrera, a glass roof open-top Targa, a convertible roof cabriolet with an integrated wind deflector, and a high-power turbo.

Even at, Porche's 911 is a very popular model, and there are many cases where customers choose from a used car auction in Japan and purchase by designation!

9th Place: Renault Lutecia | Model code: BF4


Renault is a leading French company as an automobile manufacturing company headquartered in the suburbs of Paris. Lutecia, a compact car with the concept of "a car that falls in love" is ranked from Renault.

The first model was released in 1990, and the current model is the 4th model from 2012. It is a five-door model, but the design that centers on curves like a coupe is impressive. It is equipped with Hill Start Assist, speed limiter & cruise control that can be used for starting on slope safely and has driving performance that can withstand long hours driving. H5F type 1.2L direct-injection turbo engine + 6-speed EDC (Efficient dual-clutch) is installed.

10th Place: Volkswagen Beetle | Model code: 3VWS1A

Volkswagen Beetle
Volkswagen Beetle

Beetle form Volkswagen is very stylish with a round and cute design. It is a German car made by Volkswagen, and the nicknamed is "beetle" because of its shape. The first launch was as early as 1938, and it continued to the second Volkswagen Beetle, and the third model was manufactured until 2003. The drive system of old car models used RR and air-cooled engine, but it has changed to front-wheel drive FF system and water-cooled engine. Another feature is that there are many customized and tuning cars.