Import Used Left Hand Drive Cars / LHD Cars from Japan

How to import Left hand drive cars from

In Japan, we drive on the left side of the road and most of them drives right hand drive cars. Several other countries including UK, Ireland also uses the same rule.
This may make it difficult to have an image of a left hand drive car in Japan or the idea of importing a left hand drive car from Japan.
But in fact, it is possible to import a wide selection of left hand drive cars from Japan cheap.

Why possible to import LHD cars from Japan?

  • Select from
    Wide selections every week
  • Access to
    Auction houses in Japan

We can search from a wide selection of cars and also cutting the cost which usually dealers buy cars from Japanese car auctions, but with, you can buy cars directly from Japanese car auctions which you get a cheaper price than buying from a dealer!

Why choose for LHD cars

  • We have a wide selection of Japanese used left hand drive cars available. From Mercedes Benz, BMW and even Porsche!
  • We not only provide a used left hand drive car with low mileage, but we also share the full history of the vehicle with you.
  • Cars sold by are thorough checked by certified professionals before exporting a used car to you to ensure the value for money.
  • Our local agents are here to assist you and ensure a problem free transaction.
  • We share the final cost of the car beforehand. No hidden charges involved.

What we have in stock now for LHD cars

We also have used left hand drive cars for sale in stock on our website, so please also take a look!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us by E-mail or WhatsApp.
We will see if we can find it in auction.