Toyota Hiace Van(Toyota Regius) Continues to be Trusted All Over the World

Toyota's commercial and passenger cars produced from 2004 to the present. Due to its high durability and top-level quality, used cars are also very popular all over the world. There are many features that attract users; its spacious interior, improved collision safety performance, a design that combines functionality and beauty, a wide range of options such as body variation, functions, and equipment.

The 5th Generation of Hiace - Three Body Types and Three Minor Changes

The 5th generation is called "200 Series", and it has already been 15 years since its launch in 2004. The main model of used cars is also the current model. The 5th generation Hiace has three body types, a van, a wagon, and a commuter. The name of the Hiace van has been changed from the 5th generation to the standard size of 4.69m in total length as a "long model". As of 2020, the 5th generation Hiace has undergone three minor changes.

In addition, due to some improvements in 2017, Toyota's collision avoidance support packages "Toyota Safety Sense" is now standard equipment.


A Diesel Turbo Engine Equipped with 3L Direct Injection

The front grille and bumper have been redesigned, and the diesel engine vehicle has a 3L direct-injection diesel turbo engine equipped with a variable nozzle turbocharger.

  • Before the change
    Before the change
  • After the change
    After the change
    The design of front bumper has been changed

To a Stylish Exterior

The front bumper, headlamps, and front grille are more stylish, and the fuel efficiency of gasoline-powered vehicles has improved. Power windows are now standard equipment on DX.
"White Pearl Crystal Shine" has been added as color option.

White Pearl Crystal Shine

The Latest Multi-information Display with Many Color Options is Adapted

The front bumper, grille, headlamps, and rear combination lamps, etc. have been changed to a more powerful look. As for the body color, Bordeaux mica metallic was added to Super GL, and black mica became available in DX (long body). In the interior, the panels have been improved, such as b a multi-information display that displays various information such as average fuel consumption and outside air temperature.

New Color Black Mica
New Color Black Mica
Multi-information Display
  • Multi-information Display
  • Multi-information Display
  • Multi-information Display

Other Minor Changes - Toyota Safety Sense in 2017

In addition to these minor changes, in some improvements in 2014, fuel efficiency was improved by adopting VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing-intelligent system) for the engine. From 2017, Toyota's collision avoidance support packages "Toyota Safety Sense" have become standard equipment. In the same year, diesel vehicles were replaced with 2800cc 1GD-FTV engines for vans and commuter vehicles and certified as "2009 emission standard 10% reduction level (low emission vehicles)".

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Market Price

The Lowest Price of Used Toyota Hiace is from US$ 2,900 !!

The price of Hiace vans varies depending on the model and grade, and if it is a used car, the mileage affects the price.

  • Comparision by Grade

    Updated date:
    Grade New Car Used Car
    Super GL US$ 28,625 - US$ 3,800 - US$ 5,700
    DX US$ 22,246 - US$ 3,600 - US$ 10,450

    * When it comes to used cars, the price range of DX highly varies depending on the condition due to the large amount of distribution.

  • Comparision by Engine

    Updated date:
    Engine New Car Used Car
    1TR US$ 20,600 (1TR /TRH200K) US$ 3,000 - US$ 5,500
    1KD US$ 26,100 (1KD/KDH201V) US$ 4,500 - US$ 5,500
    2KD US$ 25,400 (2KD/KDH201V) US$ 3,500 - US$ 5,500
  • Comparision by Transmission

    Updated date:
    Transmission New Car Used Car
    AT US$ 22,179 - US$ 3,000 - US$ 5,500
    MT US$ 20,758 - US$ 3,800 - US$ 5,500

List of Popular New and Used Car Prices

Updated date:
Model New car prices Used car prices
TRH200V US$ 16,239 - US$ 19,942 US$ 3,323 - US$ 17,540
TRH200K US$ 17,568 - US$ 25,640 US$ 3,133 - US$ 16,903
KDH200V US$ 18,328 - US$ 25,450 US$ 2,659 - US$ 5,508
KDH201V US$ 22,032 - US$ 29,249 US$ 3,513 - US$ 15,699
KDH206V US$ 26,875 - US$ 36,276 US$ 4,083 - US$ 18,613
Compare Models

Hiace (200 series) VS Nissan Caravan (NV350) (Competitive car)

Hiace vs Caravan - Specification is Almost the Same!

Model Toyota Hiace Van Nissan Caravan
New Car Prices US$ 21,702 - US$ 20,297 -
Body type Van
Dimension 4.695 x 1.695 x 1.980 m 4.695 x 1.695 x 1.990 m
Displacement 1,998 - 2,982 cc
Output Performance 109 - 160 96 - 108
Transmission 2WD, 4WD
Seats 3, 5 - 10 3 - 9 / 10 / 14 / 16
  • Caravan and Bongo Can are More Affordable but Hiace is a Safer Car

    Toyota Hiace and Nissan Caravan are popular both for commercial and leisure use. Both are gaining popularity as versatile cars that can be used for both work and leisure. Looking at the comparison of the lowest price (new car) of each vehicle's grade, The table shows the price differences of Hiace van (2004, KDH200V,120,000km over), Caravan(2004, VWE25, 120,000km over) and Bongo van(2004, SK82V,120,000km over)

    Model Car Price Durability Popularity
    Hiace US$ 21,824 -
    Caravan (NV350) US$ 20,411 -
    Bongo US$ 20,411 -
  • Hiace is Much More Popular than Other Models!

    NV350 Caravan is also cheaper at 14324 USD. If it is difficult to buy a Hiace due to budget constraints, many people tend to purchase relatively inexpensive Nissan Caravan. However, Hiace has become by far the most popular van due to its overwhelming durability, name value, and customization.

    The data on the number of new cars sold in 2015 shows that Hiace has 57,054 units and NV350 Caravan has 17,834 units, which is about twice as different, indicating the absolute popularity of Hiace.

    Even if it is a used car, safe maintenance, and high running force are also reasons for its popularity.

    Carused.jp has Hiace in various grades, models, and prices!

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