Which wins? High deck vs low deck [In the case of hiacevan hiace minibus]

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When you buy a commercial car, especially Hiacevan Hiaceminibus, what are the criteria for choosing the one?

Aren’t the following criteria important for you? Maker, model, model code, year model, odometer, shift (manual or automatic), and high deck or low deck.

Do you know the difference between a high deck and low deck?

High deck: As the name implies, Hiacevan Hiaceminibus is high from the ground to the truck bed.

As for tires, the front and rear wheels are the same sizes.

Low deck: On the contrary, hiacevan hiaceminibus has a low height from the ground to the truck bed.

The rear wheels are often smaller than the front wheels.

Based on this, which one is more popular!? The high deck hiacevan hiaceminibus or the low deck hiacevan hiace minibus.

Let us introduce an example of a common meeting for a commercial car negotiation in Carused.


What country are you from? Which port would you like to be shipped?

What is your budget?

Is it okay to have a low deck or should it be a high deck?

Should the length of the truck bed short or long?

With that budget, you can buy a car with around this mileage, but what about this hiacevan hiaceminibus?

As you can see from this conversation, a high deck hiacevan hiaceminibus has a higher vehicle price in the overseas export market, and a low deck hiacevan hiaceminibus often has a lower cif price.


Hiacevan hiaceminibus, which is overwhelmingly popular all over the world, can be used on many types of roads. But a high deck with high driving stability allows stable driving even on undeveloped roads!

Another advantage is that even if you drive the same distance, the number of rotations is smaller than that of a small tire and the wear of the tire is reduced, and if the front and rear tire sizes are the same, you just need to prepare only one spare tire.

In addition, there is an advantage to a low deck considering work efficiency, for examples, it absorbs a knocking-up feeling and vibrations well and has less burden

on the cargoes and a driver. Even if they are eliminated, a high deck will be overwhelmingly more valuable.

However, there are some customers who are willing to buy a low deck because the price is cheaper.

We will make a proposal tailored to the customer, so please contact the professional staff at Carused.


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