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Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese top company and a well-known automobile manufacturer in the world. The cab-over type car that Toyota is proud of is Hiace. Speaking of Hiace, it is gaining popularity as both a commercial vehicle and a family car. This is because it is versatile and can be used in many usage scenes, and also there are many types.

Therefore, this time, we take a closeup of the features, charms, and differences of Hiace Van, Wagon, and Commuter. Please use it as a reference when choosing Hiace.

Hiace is popular all over the world, but what is the most popular one?

That is hiacevan, hiaceminibus!

First, let’s look at hiacevan!

What is a Hiace VAN?

A hiace van is a freight car. Of course, it can accommodate passengers but is mainly designed for carrying luggage. There are various grades of cars, including equipment, interiors, and manufacturer options, even within the same model.

Hiace van grades are DX, DX, GL packages, and Super GL.

Although it is basically a van type of freight car, the high-grade Super GL uses seats that are the same as passenger cars, and the second row has a reclining specification. On the other hand, DX is a freight car with minimum equipment and reasonably priced. DX can be customized with simple construction and is popular in the used market.

A wide range of options is also attractive, for example, the number of doors (4 doors or 5 doors), standard roof or a high roof with high roof panel, and capacity for passengers, etc. The passenger capacity is 3 to 9 people.


Since it is lighter than a wagon, it has excellent fuel efficiency. The ceiling is high, and the trunk space is wide. It has also an advantage that you can lie down and rest because you can recline the seat down to make it all flat. Although it has various uses, it can be purchased cheaply.


Because the van type is mainly used for carrying luggage, it is less comfortable to ride than a wagon. It is also characterized by loud running noise and vibration. Especially rear seats in low-grade are not suitable for a long drive. There is no headrest and reclining function in the seats behind the second row, except for the high grade. In addition, the side mirrors also have the minimum specifications, for example no electric storage function, so from a passenger’s point of view, it might be unsatisfactory.

Now, introducing the features of hiacewagon, which is the second most popular after hiacevan!

What is a Hiace WAGON?

A van type Hiace is mainly used for carrying luggage, and a Hiace for transporting people is a wagon type. The grades are DX, GL, Super GL, and Grand Cabin in that order, all with 10 passenger seats. The wagon type has 4 doors.

The high-grade grand cabin has a super long body and a high roof, which makes it spacious. It has a capacity of 10 people that can carry luggage to some extent and has a luxurious interior, which is a specification of the passenger.

Since it is a car intended for driving, it is natural that the ride quality is much higher than that of a van.


It does not move a lot, and the running sound is quiet with outstanding riding comfort. Compared to vans with simple interiors and exteriors, it has a more luxurious feeling overall.


Even if you compare the same low-grade DX, it tends to be more expensive than a van. You cannot choose a standard van body size. The fuel is only gasoline. There is no diesel vehicle that uses fuel-efficient diesel oil as fuel. It is undeniable that the degree of freedom is lower than that of a van.

Finally, hiace commuter

What is a Hiace COMMUTER?

Basically, it is a car mainly for passengers, like a wagon. The exterior is almost the same as the Grand Cabin of Hiace Wagon. Since the passenger capacity is 14, which is more than the wagon, it is not possible to drive with an ordinary driving license in Japan. It is considered a so-called minibus and requires a medium-sized or larger-sized license.

It is often used as a shuttle car for hotels, inns, and kindergartens. It is a hiace designed to carry many people safely. There are two commuter grades, GL and DX. GL tends to improve the indoor environment and make it a higher grade, and DX has a wider interior width.


Like the wagon type, it is made with an emphasis on riding comfort and has the advantage of less vibration and noise than the van type. Unlike the wagon type, you can choose between a diesel vehicle and a gasoline vehicle. If fuel efficiency is important, this makes a big difference. The resale value also tends to be higher than the wagon type.


The type of roof is only a high roof. If it is not a commercial vehicle such as a bus, it may be expensive and is not very convenient to use.

Summary: Choose Hiace according to the purpose

Hiace, especially the van type, has a wide variety of types, functions, and grades, that is the reason why it is popular. In addition to the classification of vans, wagons, and commuters, it is difficult to know all the lineup such as various body sizes and specifications depending on the purpose.

No matter what it’s used for, a car that’s so functional and durable that previously unseen. Why not find a Hiace that fits your budget and purpose?

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