The tip for purchasing Toyota Hiace van & Hiace minibus! How much mileage is considered a good buy?

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If you want to buy a Toyota Hiace, which is extremely popular in the world, how much mileage do you choose for such a well-known car, Hiace?

That’s right, the lower, the better!! That’s obvious. However, the price is quite different between the 30,000 km and the 300,000 km of Hiace.

This time, we will explain how much mileage you should consider!


hiace van and minibus

The scales fall from one’s eyes! Does Hiace run up to 1 million km!?

Hiace that was used after passing 100,000km on its odometer can be a scrapped car in Japan… On the contrary, there are many drivers who want to change their cars even if it has only been running for 50,000km or 5 years.

But in overseas countries such as Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Indonesia), Europe, Oceania (New Zealand, Australia, and FIJI), and Africa (Tanzania, DRC, Congo, Mozambique, Malawi, Uganda, and Kenya), many drivers think that a car with 100,000km on its odometer is completely fine and with a mileage of 100,000 km is almost a brand new car!


The proof is that even if the car with over 300,000 km on its odometer, it can be sold for 3 million yen in Africa.

Of course, maintenance fees, import charges, and shipping charges are included in it. However, even if the price goes up so much, there are people who buy high quality Toyota brand hiacevan hiaceminibus from Japan, so there is a high demand for used Hiace exported from Japan.

Why do people want Hiace so much? That’s because Hiace has the reliability that it can run up to 1 million km. Therefore, even if the mileage is 300,000 km, it will be judged to “run another 700,000 km”!

The trust that “Hiace can run up to 1 million km” is what the overseas people who actually drive Hiace experienced. They drive through until the engine and transmission stop moving. The fact that Hiace lasted up to 1 million km led to overseas trust.

And Hiace is overwhelmingly popular abroad. Most of the cars driving in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania are Japanese cars! as you can see in a photo of the famous Uganda Airport Terminal. Instead, most of them are Hiace are not unusual.

Not only made in Japan but also “used in Japan” is important for Hiace sold overseas. “Made in Japan” and “it has been maintained and taken care in Japan!” are the brand value!

Depending on the exporting country, there are left-hand drive restrictions, so it may be necessary to change the handle from right to left. If so, why don’t you order the left-handed Hiace from the United States from the beginning? It’s more logical to think ….

But that doesn’t work well. There is a Japanese “vehicle inspection system” involved. It is said that Japan’s vehicle inspection system is the strictest in the world. Hiace that passed this strict vehicle inspection is in a quite different condition, which is different from Hiace used in other countries.

Therefore, even if the installation work for a handle is necessary, Hiace used in Japan are purchased. “Used in Japan” means similar to “Made in Japan”, is a proof of high quality.

hiace van high quality

Hiace user reviews

Let’s check the reviews of users who are actually driving Hiace.

hiace review

“The 100 series diesel Hiace of LH119 will have good durability of an engine even if it exceeds 600,000 km! It is still in great shape!” (Transportation industry employee from Japan)

“100,000 km? It’s the distance for finishing up running in for diesel” (RZH112 petrol super custom model, a surfer from Japan)

“I just replaced the dynamo even at 350,000 km. I have hardly repaired it.” (200 series KDH200, an export business employee from Japan)

“200 series Hiace, I have been using it every day for more than 10 years, no trouble even after running 300,000km” (200 series Hiace, Construction industry employee from Japan)

“There are so many Hiaces that run 700,000km, and many of the vehicles imported from Japan are in good condition! Caravan? No, Hiaces are so much better!”(RZH102, RZH112, LH119, LH109 100 series Hiace, a user from DRC)

There are many users who can drive without problems even if they are traveling a long distance. You can see the strength of Hiace.

According to word of mouth, many people have an image that the 100 series Hiace is one of the most durable Hiace.

Hiace is a car that can last a long time depending on the maintenance and driving style.

Another user, a video cameraman, drives a long distance with heavy equipment. After all, its toughness is the reason why he has been driving it all the time. Even if it accommodates 10 adult passengers and carry luggage and equipment to drive on the highway, Hiace is completely fine. It’s a perfect car for users who often carry heavy things.

By the way, this time we explained how tough and durable Hiace is. It seems that it is not a lie that up to 100,000 km is running in.

Even if it runs 300,000 km or 500,000 km, the driving performance will be the same.

However, not every Hiace is in perfect condition. When purchasing a Hiace, be sure to check the engine, exterior, and interior. The engine system is really important! Especially engine condition!

If this is not in good condition, you cannot use it for a long time, no matter how short the mileage is. This is a point that should not underestimate.

In other words, if the engine is in good condition, there is no problem even if it has high mileage. It still can be used. In addition, it is even better if the exterior and interior are well-maintained.

At Carused, our professional staff will explain the conditions one by one according to the regulations of the country through phone, WhatsApp, Skype, and Chat, etc. While showing the auction sheet at the time of purchase, there are also not only pictures but also videos, so you don’t have to be worried! Please contact the Carused professional staff!


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  1. I have a hiace 19 years. Bought it when it wasn’t 3 years old. Have used it almost everyday. Can’t recommend it enough. It’s the most dependable thing I Owen. Turn the key and away we go,it never says no. Bit of rust around the wheel arch’s now but not much. Still only 170,000 miles. Might get it done up a bit and keep it till I retire. I love this van and it’s not for sale. Thanks.


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