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The Subaru Sambar was launched in 1961, and it was one of Subaru's most popular vehicles.
Till 6th generations, Subaru developed and produced the car in-house.
Independent suspension was installed from the first generation. At that time, this structure wasn’t installed in even passenger vehicle.
So, it’s clear that Sambar was produced with high technology. This car is a combination of two characteristics, a small but spacious micro van and a small but mighty Kei truck. This combination is one of the reasons of popularity.In many generations of Sambar, 5th generation Sambar for sale. We introduce why 5th-generation Sambar is the most popular.

The fifth-generation Sambar started in March 1990. The displacement would  be 660 cc to meet the new standard.


5th-generation  Sambar  was launched in 1990.It had a rear-mounted SOHC8 inline 4-cylinder engine from a new EN07 series of engines. In addition to the five-speed manual transmission with EL, a full-fledged continuously variable transmission, ECVT, is newly adopted.


In 1992 Sambar was a minor change. Changed from round shield beam headlamps to odd-shaped square halogen headlamps.

  • Before minor change
  • After minor change

An electric car based on the classic was released.The cruising range on a full charge was about 150 km.ECVT was replaced by 3-speed automatic transmission.The suspension has been strengthened. Maximum speed is 90km/h.


Production was discontinued due to the revision of the mini vehicle standard in the previous year. The product was only available in stock.

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Market Price

The lowest price of Subaru Sambar KS4 is 1,500USD!

Tips on the current price

Three-way open Subaru Sambar is a popular model. Basically, the price range between the 5th generation doesn't have a big difference.
Even it is used, Subaru Sambar can be the best option both reliability and cost performance.

  • List of Populr New and Used Car Prices

    Updated date:
    Model New Car Price Used Car Price
    KS3 US$ 5,550 - 8,280 US$ 1,500 - 5,000
    KS4 US$ 6,550 - 9,555 US$ 1,500 - 6,000
    KV3 US$ 6,800 - 7,900 US$ 2,000 - 4,500
    KV4 US$ 8,000 - 8,200 US$ 2,000 - 4,500

How to buy It Cheap from Japan

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The fifth-generation Subaru Sambar were vehicles produced between 1990 and 1999, and it may be difficult to export in some countries.

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Compare Models

Subaru Sambar vs Suzuki Carry Truck

Model Subaru Sambar Suzuki Carry Truck
New car Prices US$ 7,300 ~ US$ 6,350 ~
Body type Mini truck / Kei truck
Dimension 3,295 × 1,395 × 1,760 mm 3,295 × 1,395 × 1,715 mm
Displacement 658 cc 657 cc
Output performance 40 ps (29 kW) / 6500 rpm 42 ps (31 kW) / 5500 rpm
Transmission 5MT 4MT
Seats 2

Those who want to buy Japanese small trucks, the Suzuki Carry is one of the best options. When it comes to their size, they are similar, but the Sambar has a two-inch advantage on height. The Carry offers a mid-section placed engine which is an inline 3 which offers 42/5500 horsepower. The Sambar has a rear section placed engine which is an inline 4 and offers 40/6500 horsepower.

The Sambar's weight is a little heavier, topping off at 1628lbs, while the Carry has a weight of 1540lbs.
In this way, there are few differences, but The performance is almost the same.
The Sambar uses a straight four engines rather than a straight three engines, as most other mini truck makers do. Which makes it powerful.
Samber is more suitable around the fields, down the country. Search for stocks now!

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