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The truck made between 1993-2002 is a popular generation. It features a truck-like structure, the headlight is a projector type that was installed for the first time, the door outer handle has been changed to a vertical flap type, and the window on the passenger seat side had a full model change in 1992 which was used in the 2nd generation. The design is so popular that it will be followed by the 7th generation later.


4t product of wide cab and 3.5t product of standard cab was added

FE638F-503134 wide cab
  • Before the change
  • After the change

The minor change in 1999 was the biggest, and there were changes around the front upper grill and tail lamp.

  • Before the change
    Before minor change
  • After the change
    After minor change
  • Before the change
    Before minor change
  • After the change
    After minor change

After the above minor change in 1999, there was no change until the 7th generation production.

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Market Price

Used Canter starting from US$3,333 FOB price.

It can be said that the average new car price of the 6th generation Canter is about 27,000 to 33,000 USD. If you stick to the grade, there will be a difference, but if you look at the table below, there are many cases where you can purchase at less than half the price as a used car! Even if the mileage is 150,000 to 200,000 km, the Canter can be used without problems because it is equipped with a high quality engine.

Model New car price Used car price
FE51CBD US$ 26,769 - US$ 32,721 US$ 3,809 - US$ 9,046
FE517BD US$ 26,397 - US$ 33,483 US$ 4,285 - US$ 11,427
FE52CE US$ 28,007 - US$ 29,054 US$ 3,333 - US$ 5,713
FE648E US$ 28,074 - US$ 30,930 US$ 5,237 - US$ 10,951
FE518BD US$ 27,978 - US$ 34,397 US$ 4,285 - US$ 10,475

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Compare Models

Canter VS Dyna

Dyna is often mentioned as a rival car of Mitsubishi Canter.
Here, we will introduce while comparing the specifications of Canter and Dyna.

Model Canter (FE51CBD) Dyna (BU67D)
New car price US$ 26,769 - US$ 32,721 US$ 17,984 - US$ 21,419
Used car price US$ 3,809 - US$ 9,046 US$ 5,311 - US$ 6,760
Drive system FR
Seats 3 2-3
Body type Dump
Engine 130ps (96kw) / 3,200rpm 140ps (103kw) / 3,400rpm

Dyna is often said as a rival of canter.
The specifications of both cars are similar, and the specifications such as the drive system do not change so much, so I think that many people may be confused with the Canter.

However, if you look at the table, you can see that the Canter has better performance at a lower price when comparing the new car price and the used price. After all, as mentioned above, the Canter is equipped with a popular model of engine and its performance is also popular worldwide.

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