The Japanese Used Car Auction - See over 140,000 cars for sale

There are more than 190 different Japanese used car auction houses Throughout Japan with over 140,000 Cars listed daily. These auction houses are only accessible to local used car dealers, until now! As a user of we provide you access to all these used car auction houses, FREE of charge! you can browse all the cars from different auction houses and as an added service, website members are also given access to see the “Past Auction Results”!

What is special about the “Past Auction Results”? By seeing and knowing the past results of the auction, you can check the market price by yourself and make an informed decision on how much you would like to bid for that specific vehicle! This is also a FREE feature for members of Signup for FREE or Login now to access this!

What is the Japanese Used Car Auction?

Most private users and brokers in Japan sell their cars through the Japanese Used Car Auction which has more than 190 auction houses throughout Japan. The Car auction is where majority of the used car dealers you know get their stocks from. It is the biggest used car “shopping mall” as you might say, but are only accessible to local used car dealers.

At, you can access this tool! You can see all cars from all the auction houses in Japan on one place with more than 140,000 cars listed weekly at our website! you can see the original prices of the cars even before dealers put a margin on it. You can decide on how much is your budget for the car based on it’s Market price. You can make more profit by buying the cars at a wholesale price!

What are the Benefits in buying from the Japanese Used Car Auction?

Why should you buy from the Auction? The anwser is that if you buy from the auction, you can buy the cars at it’s market price even before the car dealers put a margin on it. This is just one of the benefits in buying from the auction. We will be enumerating all the benefits below to help you decide if the auction is the right fit for you!

  • Benefit 1: You can buy cars even before your competition or car dealers list it on their website and add a margin.
  • Benefit 2: There are more than 140,000 Cars to choose from! You can buy JDM Cars, Sports cars, Vans, Trucks and even Machineries from the Auction!
  • Benefit 3: Accurate vehicle conditions! All the cars listed on the auction has a professional inspector inspecting each car, All is detailed on the auction sheet!
  • Benefit 4: ( only): We can provide you support such as translation of the auction sheet, Making the right bid based on market price and more!
  • Benefit 5: ( only): You can see the Past results of the auction to see the market price yourself! Most companies will not show you this data!

There are some websites with Japanese Car Auction, Why should i choose

Here is what sets us apart from other companies who offers access to the Japanese Car Auction. First of all we provide the access for free! you can see all the prices, pictures and auction sheet all for free. We as a Japanese Run and Owned Company, stick to our Japanese core values, we aim to provide you the best Service!

Here is What makes our Special

  • Japanese Company - You can always rely on Japanese Integrity and Quality. is a Japanese Run and Owned company and we make sure to live by our values as a Japanese.
  • Double Inspection - All vehicles are inspected by Professional Inspectors. This ensures that the condition stated on the auction sheet is accurate and reliable to help our customers make an informed decision in buying.
  • Truck Inspectors - Trucks additionally are inspected my Professional Truck Inspectors. Aside from the regular inspection, We also have a professional truck inspector specialized in Inspecting trucks!
  • Professional Translation - We can translate the auction sheet better for you! We offer the auction sheet translation for free to our dedicated customers who are ready to participate in the auction, Being Japanese, we can translate the auction sheet accurately than anyone.
  • We Provide you with the Auction past Results (NEW Feature) - Most companies will not show this data as it would show how much a car has been bought for before, With this feature, you can check how much the car has been sold for before! please refer to the video below to see how it works.

How to Check the Auction past Results - Checking the market price

How to Use the “Japanese Used Car Auction” Tool

Auction Step 1: Search for a car

The Auction has over 140,000 vehicles to choose from, you can find anything you want and need. From Toyota Hiace Van to top condition Nissan Skyline.

Enter your Country, Port, and Options such as insurance or inspection and click on the calculate button, the calculated price will then show beneath the car price - This total price is the total estimated price which includes the vehicle, freight cost, insurance/inspection and service fee.

Click here to see 140,000 Cars

Auction Step 2: Make a “Refundable” Security Deposit

The deposits are 100% Refundable No matter what the result of the auction is, we won't touch your auction deposit. You can use it for another auction, apply a refund or use it to pay for another car. it is all up to you!

USD $1,000 DepositBid up to $10,000 in total price of Vehicle(s)
USD $2,000 DepositBid up to $20,000 in total price of Vehicle(s)
USD $3,000 DepositBid up to $30,000 in total price of Vehicle(s)
USD $4,000 DepositBid up to $40,000 in total price of Vehicle(s)

Login/Signup to make a Deposit

Auction Step 3: Place your Bid

After making a deposit and once you have chosen a vehicle that you want, click on the "Request to Bid" button and enter your "maximum bid amount" for that vehicle. Please the maximum budget and not the minimum since we will only bid for the vehicle up to "your budget" only.

Note: Auction bidding is by proxy, so even if you bid a large amount, you will only pay just over what the next highest bidder was willing to pay. For example You are prepared to bid a maximum of 300,000 yen on a car and the next highest bidder is 200,000 yen. You then win the car at 201,000 yen and not at 300,000 yen!

Click here to see 140,000 Cars

What happens after the auction bidding process?

You have placed your bid on the vehicle you like, What happens next? in this section we will explain the next steps to take after the auction has finished. Our service for you does not end after the bidding. We will guide you through all the steps until you actually receive your car at your port! Here is what you have to do after you have placed your bid on a vehicle.

After Auction Step 1: Wait for the Reults

You will be notified by email or whatsapp about the results of the auction.

Note: The actual bidding process will be done by us and we will do our best to get the car at the lowest price possible from the auction. We will follow you're maximum budget, please set a maximum budget as the auction process only takes seconds to complete and there won't be enough time to reconsider your budget on the same day as the auction

After Auction Step 2: Pay the Invoice for the Car

Upon winning the aution, We will be sending you an invoice for the total price of the vehicle, please settle the amount within 48hours (2days). You can choose to refund your deposit or retain it and use it for your next bid after all balance has been settled.

In some cases that we've lost the auction, Rest assured that your deposit is 100% intact and refundable, you can choose to refund it or use the deposit for the next auction. The choice is entirely up to you!

After Auction Step 3: Clear your car at the port and claim!

After we have confirmed the payments on our side. We will start the loading of your vehicle and send the necessary documents for you.

Congratulations! After you have cleared with the customs on your country/port. It is time to pick up your car!

Our Customer’s Voice: Success in Using the Auction