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Hybrid Cars - the Next Generation Fuel Efficient and Enviromental Friendly car

Hybrid cars are now so popular that they can be called popular cars, and we now see them regularly in the city. They are not only excellent in fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness but also realize a driving that fuses together well advantages of the engines and motors.

There are also regulations of exhaust gas overseas, and people are getting more concerned about this matter.

Introduction: What is a hybrid in the first place?

A vehicle runs on gasoline and has an electrically-powered motor is called an electric hybrid vehicle HEV, hybrid electric vehicle.

While the engine is running (accelerating/decelerating), the electricity is generated, and the battery (secondary battery) can also move the motor. By switching the power depending on the size of travel load, low fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions can be reduced to a minimum level to realize a low-pollution car.

Advantages of Hybrid Cars


1.Fuel efficient

When traveling at low speeds or light loads, it runs on an electric motor and also assists the engine in other situations. Fuel is not used when the motor is running, resulting in low fuel consumption.

2.Reduction of Co2 emission

The vehicle is environmentally friendly as it does not emit Co2 during running by an electric motor.

3.High power

In the low-speed range, the motor power is used to accelerate the torque instead of the engine with weak output and torque. In the mid- and high-speed range, it is possible to drive with high-powered engine power, so that power can be used without wasting in the entire area, so driving can be performed without stress.


The engine explodes fuel and air to obtain power, so if you want to increase the output, the noise will be loud, but since the motor is powered by electricity, it has a quiet driving sound.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

1.Have a high degree of quietness

It has a high degree of quietness especially when traveling with motor power, so it is difficult for pedestrians to notice and the risk of accidents increases, so careful driving is required.

2.Deterioration of a power supply for driving

A hybrid car has a power supply for driving, and battery life has recently been extended, but depending on the usage conditions, it will be overused which costs a lot to replace.

3.A limited number of maintenance shops

There are many special components that some factories cannot handle. Hybrid system failures tend to be the high cost of repairs.


The number of sales of hybrid and new vehicles is increasing year by year, and it is said that the total number of new and used vehicles is about one million annually. As for used cars, 90% of the number of units sold are exported from Japan.

The United States accounts for the majority of the number of used plug-in hybrid vehicle exports, and the export destinations are mainly emerging and developing countries.

Hybrid cars are widely used all over the world, not only in developed countries but also in developing countries.

A hybrid vehicle with low fuel consumption and environmental friendliness. Why not consider purchasing it?