Buy Now

What is Buy Now

"Buy Now" is a function of created for our customers who want to immediately reserve and get discounts and purchase a vehicle hassle free. By using the "Buy Now" Function, you can immediately reserve the vehicle for 48 hours so that other buyers cannot purchase the vehicle you want and at the same time get the maximum discount without negotiation!

Advantages of using the "Buy Now" Function

  • Available 24/7

    You Can reserve a car immediately to ensure that the car will not be sold to others.

  • Fast and Easy

    • get 2 features with 1 button click
    • Reserve the vehicle and instantly get the maximum discount, with no negotiation needed
  • Reserve more cars as you buy more!

    As you buy more from us using the "Buy Now" function, we can allow you to reserve more units in the future!

How to use the "Buy Now"

  1. Step 1

    Login / Signup to

  2. Step 2

    Go to the page of the vehicle you want to reserve and click the buy now button.

    buy now is only available if the car is importable to the user's country.
  3. Step 3

    Follow the instructions on the checkout process.

  4. Step 4

    Congratulations, you have now reserved the vehicle.
    Check mypage to see reserved cars and to download the proforma invoice.

    We require our Customers to pay within 48 hours from the time when the invoice was issued / the Buy Now function was used.
For a detailed guide on how use use the "Buy Now" function, click on the button below


Can I use the "Buy Now" feature without Signing up?
No, We require our Customers to login and sign up first as reservations will be tied to your account
How many vehicles can I reserve using the "Buy Now" function?
First time customers can only reserve one(1) vehicle. Regular customers(selected by may reserve more than one(1)+
What is a Proforma Invoice (PI)?
Proforma Invoice or PI is the invoice of the vehicle you need to pay through your bank which contains all the details of the purchase including the Consignee details
What happens if I fail to pay within the allocated time?
in the event that you anticipate delays on the payment, please notify within 48 hours, failure to do so may result in a penalty which are stated in our Terms of Use
How can I download the Proforma Invoice (PI) after using the "Buy Now" function?
You can download the Proforma Invoice through the link and attachment we sent through the email or you can log in to your account and check your Mypage
Can I still get a discount after the (PI) has been issued?
No, Once you have used the "Buy Now" function, the price displayed on the Proforma Invoice is the "Final price" and cannot be negotiated – By Using the "Buy Now" Function we are already giving our customers the highest discount possible as we expect the users who used the function to purchase the cars without delay
What is a TT Copy? How can I send the TT copy to
TT Copy or Telegraphic Transfer Copy is a document provided by the bank after making a wire transfer/remittance. This document serves as a proof of your remittance to us (the receiving party), you can send the TT Copy to by logging in to your account at and by clicking on the Upload TT Copy Button
What Payment Methods do you accept?
We accept payments through Bank/Wire transfer and payment through PayPal for vehicles amounting below C&F $10,000