Suzuki Carry Truck, a kei truck that can be used a variety of ways.

The Suzuki Carry Truck is a Kei truck. A Kei truck is a mini pickup truck built to fit the light vehicle class under Japanese law.
Farmers, hunters, and more use these trucks for off-roading, work, and other purposes. Kei trucks are getting popular especially in US, Guam and Australia. Yet, the number one use of the Carry in the United States is for small businesses like a handyman.
This truck is the second best-selling mini truck outside of Japan.


The 9th generation (1991 - 1999) is the main Suzuki carry for sale nowadays. In this generation, Suzuki smoothed out the vehicle's body and updated the headlights at the beginning of this generation. 

Head lamp
Head lamp

In 1993, they modified the front drum brakes to discs. In addition, the tires and wheels have also changes to 12 inches.


 In 1995, Suzuki switched the color of the front signal to amber and lowered the bolt pattern from 114.3 to 100 mm.

  • Before minor change
    Before minor change
  • After minor change
    After minor change

Kei Truck
The Kei Truck, the category the Carry falls into, comes in an RWD or 4WD option, with the average truck weighing 2000 pounds.
All Kei truck manufacturers built their trucks to fit Japanese requirements for the smallest highway passenger car. The Japanese created these requirements in 1949. It specifies the vehicle size, engine capacity, and power outlet.
Owners of Kei cars benefitted because they got tax and insurance benefits. For this reason and more, the Kei cars and trucks are very successful, with almost 1/3 of Japanese car sales falling in this category.

USA Importations
One issue with the mini truck is the trucks don't fit American criteria. Luckily, the United States government deems all vehicles over 25 years old street safe. Otherwise, individuals would need to check their state’s law before importing a Kei Truck. The used Suzuki Carrys are over 25 years old and are street legal. Plus, the Carry is durable, so the vehicles are still in good condition.
Carused.jp can also help you navigate the USA policies.

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Market Price

The Lowest Price of Used Suzuki Carry Truck is from FOB US$ 1,326- For Sale!!

There is not much difference in price between DD51T and DC51T. Both has the same engine (F6A) and the biggest difference between DD51T and DC51T is the drive train.

  • Compare by Models

    Updated date:
    Model New car prices Used car prices
    DD51T US$ 6,500 - 7,900 US$ 1,500 - 3,000
    DC51T US$ 5,000 - 7,300 US$ 1,300 - 3,000
    DD51B US$ 8,200 - 8,600 US$ 2,000 - 5,000
    DD51B US$ 7,000 - 7,500 US$ 2,000 - 5,000
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Suzuki Carry Truck VS Honda Acty Truck

If the Suzuki Carry Models aren't the right mini truck for you, there are many other Kei Trucks that could work. We will compare Carry truck with Honda Acty truck which is also a famous mini truck made in Japan.

Model Suzuki Carry Truck (DD51T) Honda Acty Truck (HA4)
New Car Price US$ 6,500 - 7,900 US$ 7,200 - 8,500
Used Car Price US$ 1,500 - 3,000 USUS$ 1,500 - 4,000
Body type Mini Truck
Dimension 3.295 x 1.395 x 1.725 m 3.255 x 1.395 x 1.715 m
Displacement F6A (657cc) E07A (656cc)
Output Performance 97 109 - 160
Transmission 2WD,4WD
Seats 3,5,6 3,5,6-10

Suzuki Carry Truck is more suitable for off-road use!

The Acty is a great work vehicle with many optional trims and decorations. Honda created the car in 1977, but the most similar models to the Suzuki Carry are 1988-1999, the second generation.
Something remarkable is that an Attack version of the car was made just for farmers, with a lock on the back and gears.

Pros and Cons

The pros of this vehicle are that it has a smooth ride, making it an excellent fit for freeway driving. Yet, this truck can still handle off-road travel if needed. The Suzuki is just a little better suited for off-road.
Whereas the Suzuki Carry is more powerful, and the parts are easier to locate if something breaks.
Another advantage of the Suzuki Carry is it has a longer average lifespan than the Honda Acty. For example, the Carry’s average lifespan is 160,000 miles, whereas the Acty's is 150,000 miles.

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Subaru Sambar

The Sambar is also a Kei truck and a micro van which was made for Japanese clients. This truck has a rear-wheel drive, with a water-cooled engine that they placed in the back.
The original generations of Sambar trucks had some safety concerns. Subaru resolved all these concerns in the sixth generation. Subaru fixed it by increasing the width to 1480 mm.
This same generation was when they included the airbags, rear doors, and power windows. Sambar also has many specialty options like a scissor/dump combo, cranes, beds, lift gates or turf tires.

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Buy One Today

If you are looking for a great, reliable work truck, look no further as the Suzuki Carry. This truck is great fuel capabilities and is inexpensive.
If the Suzuki Carry isn't the right fit, then the Honda Acty or Subaru Sambar might be better.
Whatever your choice, the mini truck is a great option to look at getting today.

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