HIJET with small footprint and large capacity

HIJET has many users because of its size, which is easy to drive, and because it can carry a lot of cargo. By taking advantage of its small size, the HIJET can easily navigate narrow paths such as back alleys and farm roads. In the 8th generation, HIJET has changed significantly as a full-size light commercial vehicle in accordance with the change in the mini standard.


HIJET underwent a full model change from the 7th to the 8th generation.
The eighth generation was built with an emphasis on interior volume, starting acceleration, and quietness at high speeds. Both 2WD and 4WD models were available.


The engines of all AT models were changed from the EF-ES to the EF-NS. This is Three-cylinder twin-cam (DOHC) 12-valve single carburetor engine


As a derivative, ”is”, with its elaborate exterior decoration, was released. The front panel is painted black for a sporty design. The EF-GS model is installed.

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The average Price of Used 8th generation HIJET US$2,500!

You can get a used HIJET truck for less than $4000. It is a reasonably priced vehicle in the truck market.

Comparison by Model

  • Model New Car Price Used Car Price
    S100 USD $6,300 - 8,900 USD $1,250 - 3,500
    S110 USD$ 6,300 - 8,900 USD$ 1,700 - 3,700

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Daihatsu HIJET vs Suzuki Carry

Model Daihatsu Hijet 8th (1994-1999) Suzuki Carry 9th (1991-1999)
New car prices USD $6,300 - 8,900 USD $4,500 - 11,300
Body type Truck
Displacement 660 cc 659 cc
Dimension 4,500 × 2,000 × 2,200 mm 3,300 × 1,400 × 1,800 mm
Output performance 48PS (35 kW) / 6,400 rpm 52ps (38 kW) / 7,000 rpm
Transmission petrol
Seats 2 seats

When you search for Daihatsu Hijet, you may see Suzuki Super Carry.
Suzuki Super Carry uses the F6A engine, which provides a stable driving experience. The fuel efficiency of both vehicles is almost even.
Focusing on interior space, the vehicle height is a bit higher, but the Hijet Truck Jumbo wins in comfort due to its seating comfort like the depth of the seat.
If you are looking for driver comfort, Daihatsu Hijet will suit you better.