Toyota Hilux surf / 4runner that has a Sporty Look and Powerful Driving Performance!

SUV, HILUX SURF is the representative car produced by TOYOTA. The 4th generation, which is a popular model, was released in November 2002 and discontinued in Japan in 2009. However, it still is a very popular car as the final Japanese model. The 4th generation has the theme of "stylish SUV" and is equipped with interior and exterior features that have a more sporty look and powerful driving performance for the younger generation.

The Hilux Surf has also been sold in the North American market since the first generation. It was released under the name of "4Runner" from 1983 prior to its release in Japan. It is very popular as a sporty SUV that is cheaper than the Land Cruiser.

In addition to ensuring excellent controllability and driving stability, the center differential uses a Torsen LSD, which provides off-road handling ability and high on-road driving performance.

The luggage room has a double deck that can be used in two stages, upper and lower. The inside of the rear mirror is equipped with a rear side view mirror, which makes it easier to see pedestrians and cars approaching from the side, and the functionality has also been improved.


The 4th generation TOYOTA HILUX SURF has improved safety maintenance and storage functions compared to its predecessor. The engine was set to 3RZ-FE, 5VZ-F, 1KD-FTV.

  • Hilux surf RZN185W
    Hilux surf RZN185W
  • Hilux surf RZN215W
    Hilux surf RZN215W

Partially improved. To prevent vehicle theft, the engine immobilizer system, which does not start the engine except for the regular key, is standard equipment on all vehicles.

The genuine key is only available
The genuine key is only available

The gasoline engine 5VZ-FE has been changed to 1GR-FE. A 5-speed AT was also set . LIMITED is also on sale as a special specification car.
In July 2009, Hilux Surf was discontinued as integrated with Land Cruiser Prado.

1GR Engine
1GR Engine
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Market Price

The Lowest Price of Toyota Hilux Surf is from FOB: US$ 5,900 For Sale !!

The price of a new car is in the price range of a luxury SUV, but if it is a used car, it will be much easier to buy. Even if the distance exceeds 100,000 km, Toyota's engine has good performance, so there is no problem in driving. On Carused.jp, the popular RZN215W start at FOB US$5,197

  • Comparison by Mileage

    Updated date:
    Less than 100,000km (RZN215W / 2004) FOB US$ 4,500 - 11,300
    More than 100,000km (RZN215W / 2004) FOB US$ 3,800 - 7,000
  • Comparison by Transmission

    Updated date:
    4WD (RZN215W / 2004) FOB US$ 3,500 - 9,500
    2WD (RZN210W / 2004) FOB US$ 3,500 - 6,500
  • Comparison by years

    Updated date:
    2003 model
    (RZN210W / Less than 120,000 km)
    US$ 3,500 -
    2005 model
    (TRN210W / Less than 120,000 km)
    US$ 5,500 -

List of Popular New and Used Car Prices

Updated date:
Model New car price Used car price
RZN215W US$ 24,500 - 30,030 US$ 3,500 - 7,500
TRN215W US$ 26,500 - 33,330 US$ 6,000 - 13,000
RZN210W US$ 22,050 - 25,220 US$ 3,800 - 6,500

4WD cars tend to be more expensive than 2WD cars.
The model code ending in 5 is 4wd, and the model code ending in 2 is 2WD.

Compare Models

Hilux surf / 4runner vs Harrier

Model Toyota Hilux surf (2002 - 2009) Toyota Harrier (2003 - 2013)
New Car Prices US$ 21,456 - 32,433 US$ 24,665 - 36,997
Used Car Prices US$ 3,500 - 13,000 US$ 2,500 - 12,000
Body type SUV
Dimension 4,770 x 1,875 x 1,790 mm 4,735 x 1,845 x 1,680 mm
Displacement 2,693 cc 2,362 - 3,756 cc
Drivetrain 2WD, 4WD
Seats 5
  • Harrier has more popularity but Hilux Surf is recommended to people who love outdoor sports!

    Both are popular SUVs, and when compared, the specifications are not very different. You can see that the maximum amount is cheaper for Hilux Surf. Harrier has a wide range of prices because there are many models.

    It has an established reputation, and despite having the strength to be used on any rough road, it is very profitable to get it at this price!

    For people who enjoy outdoor sports, we recommend Hilux Surf because it can carry a lot of luggage and is suitable for driving on rough roads as we said.

    Even if it is a used car, safe maintenance and high running power are also reasons for its popularity.
    carused.jp has such Hilux Surf in various grades, models, and prices!

    Model Used Car Price Price Popularity
    TOYOTA HILUX SURF US$ 3,500 - 13,000
    TOYOTA HARRIER US$ 2,500 - 12,000
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