Electronic Vehicles - Zero Emission Electric Car

In Japan, electric cars have become commonized in recent years, including the Nissan Leaf. Probably, you would see them in the city quite often. Actually, Japanese electric cars are becoming more popular not only in Japan but also overseas now! Japanese cars are originally regarded as high quality, so even used cars are often used overseas, but it's a bit surprising that electric cars are also in demand.

This time, we will thoroughly investigate and explain the charm of electric vehicles. It's a thing now!

What is an electric car?

An electric car is a car that uses electricity as energy. Carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides are not emitted during running. As a car that is environmentally friendly to the earth, it is called a zero emission car.

EV is an abbreviation of Electric Vehicle, and EV does not have an engine and is equipped with a battery to charge to run on electric power. It has been said that battery performance has been a bottleneck for electric cars for many years, but in recent years, the use of lithium-ion batteries has significantly increased the mileage, and it has become a center for developed countries such as the United States, European countries, China, and South Korea.

New models have been released by various manufacturers and become widespread around the world. Here, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of such an electric car.

  • e nv200
  • Leaf
  • Miev
  • Toyota Com

What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars?


  • Advantages 1. Excellent economy
    All you have to pay is the electricity bill to charge it, and electric cars don't need gasoline, so it's very economical.
  • Advantages 2 Environmentally friendly
    The most important feature of electric cars is that they are environmentally friendly. Electric cars emit zero carbon dioxide while driving, which is effective in preventing global warming.
  • Advantage 3. High acceleration performance
    Acceleration is the biggest difference compared to gasoline cars. It has the characteristic of high traveling performance.
  • Advantage 4. Low vibration and noise
    Accelerate with silence! The high traveling performance of electric cars becomes available in quietness. Electric motors have less vibration and noise. Very quiet while driving.


  • Disadvantage 1. It takes time to charge
    For gasoline cars, refueling takes only about 5 minutes. Electric cars need time to charge the batteries. Charging an electric car takes at least 3-40 minutes.
  • Disadvantage 2. Short cruising distance
    The cruising distance of an electric car changes depending on the capacity of the battery installed, but it has to be charged for 40 minutes every 190km.

Next, we will introduce the popular electric cars made in Japan.