Import Used Left Hand Drive Cars from Japan

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Most people might think that majority of Japanese vehicles are right-hand drive. But, you might not know that Japanese also love to drive left-hand drive cars.

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Carpaydiem is one of the leading Japanese company dealing with the export of used and brand new cars. We have been in the industry for more than 10 years now and have delivered left hand drive cars to a range of countries all around the world.

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  • We have a wide selection of Japanese used left hand drive cars available. From Mercedes Benz, BMW and even Porche!
  • We not only provide a used left hand drive car with low mileage but we also share the full history of the vehicle with you.
  • Cars sold by Carpaydiem are thorough checked by certified professionals before exporting a used car to you to ensure the value for money.
  • Our local agents are here to assist you and ensure a problem free transaction.
  • We share the final cost of the car beforehand. No hidden charges involved.