Hino Dutro - A Reliable Truck from Japan

Hino Dutro is a popular model overseas. It is used all over the world in a wide range of purposes, from flat bodies to aerial lift trucks. This time, we will explain Hino Dutro in detail.

Popular Dutro Model

There are various models of Dutro depending on the purpose.

The following models are popular in various areas all over the world, from Oceania to Africa.

Dutro series by loading capacity

Maximum loading capacity - 2 ton Model code
Standard cab/low deck XKC605-TQNMC
Standard cab/ semi-long chassis/ low deck XZC645M-TQMMB
Standard cab/ long chassis / low deck XZU650M-TQMMB
Wide cab/ long chassis/ low deck XZC710M-TQMMB

Maximum loading capacity - 3 ton Model code
Refrigerated van TKG-XZU720M
Dump truck PB-XZU311T

Dutro's history~a track loved for over 20 years~

"Dutro", a small truck that has concentrated the latest technology.
There are reasons why it has been driven by many drivers for as long as 20 years. It is because it has high functionality and reliability!
In 2003, a hybrid vehicle was introduced, and in 2011, a full model change was carried out. So far, it has been evolving depending on the times.

Let's take a quick look at its history.

Dutro's earlier model, Ranger, was released in 1978. Then, in 1999, the first generation Hino Dutro was jointly developed with Toyota as a small truck with a loading capacity of 2 tons, which has high market demand.
After that, it had several minor changes, but in 2011, it carried out a full model change for the first time in 12 years.
The second-generation Dutro with five types of diesel engines has been released, which has drastically updated the high-pressure common rail(CR)fuel injection system and DPR(Diesel Particulate Active Reduction System). It also has improved fuel efficiency and the cleaning of exhaust gas.
In addition, new options such as a collision-avoidance system (with a pedestrian detection function) and a lane departure alert, which are the first to be adopted in a 2-ton class in 2016, are equipped as standard options on some vehicle models with a vehicle total weight of fewer than 5 tons. Some new options are adapted and the functions have been improved.

Dutro has undergone various improvements since the first generation and it provides consistent service in its focus on safety performance and drivability.

Models and Engines


Hino Dutro Cargo Truck (flat body/ van/ wing type/ refrigerated van)
Standard Cab Widecab

Hino Dutro Dump truck


Diesel engines other than diesel hybrid vehicles are 4,009cc in-line 4-cylinder and inter-cooled turbo engine N04C type engines.

4 models of UQ, UP, UN, and UM are set for vehicles with a carrying capacity of 2 tons. Details are as follows.

General purpose engines
N04C-UQ: 132KW(180PS)/2,800rpm, 480N.m(49kgf.m)/1,400rpm N04C-UP: 110KW(150PS)/2,500rpm, 420N.m(43kgf.m)/1,400rpm
N04C-UN: 100KW(136PS)/2,500rpm, 390N.m(40kgf.m)/1,400rpm N04C-UM: 85KW(116PS)/2,500rpm, 325N.m(33kgf.m)/1,400rpm

Comparison between Dutro and Elf!

They are similar in size and engine displacement, but when compared to two models, the recommended points differ as follows.

The price is slightly higher for Dutro, but it may be understandable considering it has higher durability and safety.

Isuzu Elf

The characteristic of Isuzu Elf is that it has excellent diesel engine technology. As a result, there are many people who say that "engine noise and vibration do not cause stress". One of the good points is the diverse lineup that suits various purposes, and in addition to a double cab, E-cargo, and Diesel hybrid, "there is also the CNG series."

Hino Dutro

If you seek high durability, choose Dutro! Hino's trucks have high durability that are used in the world's most radical racing, Dakar rally, Unnecessary vibration is suppressed and running comfortability can be expected. Furthermore, although it is a vehicle with a loading capacity of 2 tons, the minimum turning radius is 4.4 m, which makes it possible to make a small turn like a light car, It is a big point that the latest technology is introduced.

Various body types according to the purpose!

  • Refrigerated Van
  • Dump Truck
  • Panel Van
  • Aerial Platform
  • Doublecab


It offers a smooth ride! Dutro uses a "high-rigidity frame" that ensures high torsional rigidity in preparation for use in severe conditions during mounting. By suppressing vibration, it achieved not only high durability but also a comfortable ride.

This is a very nice point for drivers who often drive for a long time!

Realizing low fuel consumption and contributing to business! In 2003, the first hybrid car of a 2-ton truck, the Dutro Hybrid, was launched. A clutch is installed between the hybrid engine and the HV motor. The clutch is controlled according to the driving to use energy efficiently. As a result, we have succeeded in suppressing fuel consumption by using energy efficiently. It is designed to reduce fuel consumption and be environmentally friendly.

Top image credits to wikimedia