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Import regulations and procedures for used cars in Bahamas

Ports of Delivery in the Bahamas

CarUsed.jp highly values your need for comfort and convenience. Instead of using just one port of delivery, we use two strategically-located ports. Once you complete the purchase process, you can pick up the vehicle at the following ports after a specific number of days:

  • Freeport Grand Bahama
  • Nassau

Car Import Regulations in the Bahamas

The Bahamas, like any other country, has its own car import rules and regulations that you should always follow.

If you’re planning to import used cars in the Bahamas, you should observe the car import rules below so you could avoid legal issues:

Age Restriction

All imported vehicles in the Bahamas must be 4 years old or less. Also, importers must secure a special permission for the importation of trailers and caravans.

Car Import Taxation and Charges in the Bahamas

The Importation rules and regulation in the Bahamas imposes the following import tax rates:

  • Import duty is 65% of Free On Board price
  • Environmental levy is $200
  • Procedure fee is 1% of Free On Board price

Value Added Tax is around 7.5% of the total price of import duty, FOB price, freight, procedural fee and the environmental levy.

In addition, enumerated below is the brief overview of the duties and taxes imposed to importers. The rates below are based on the value of the vehicle:

  • $10,000 and below
    • Duty: 45%
    • Stamp Tax: 7%
  • $10,000-$20,000
    • Duty: 50%
    • Stamp Tax: 7%
  • $20,000 and above
    • Duty: 65%
    • Stamp Tax: 7%

NOTE: Customs duty varies depending on different factors, such as the following:

  • Age of the vehicle
  • Engine Capacity
  • Intended use of imported vehicle

Car Inspection in the Bahamas

Upon arrival at the port, the imported vehicle has to be taken directly to the Road Traffic Department for inspection and licensing.  Although left-hand drive vehicles are preferred in the Bahamas, the importation of right-hand drive vehicle is not prohibited.

When importing a right-hand drive vehicle, the headlights of the vehicle must be adjusted so it could fitly travel the roads of the Bahamas.

In addition to that, the vehicle must pass car tests designed to gauge the vehicle’s road worthiness. Once the car passes the car inspection, the importer must secure other requirements and pay for fees that may apply upon importation before registering the vehicle.

Other Requirements

  • Certificate of Title and Registration (Copies only)
  • Commercial/ Purchase Invoice (Original copy)
  • Import permit
  • Bill of Lading
  • C-14 form for Nassau if your vehicle will arrive at Nassau Port
  • C-13 form for Freeport if your vehicle will arrive at Free Port
  • C-43 form for Declaration of the Value of the imported vehicle
  • Payment of an additional 7.5% tax imposed on the imported vehicle
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