Toyota Hiace, The best-selling commercial vehicles in the world

Toyota's commercial and passenger cars produced between 1989 and 2004.Toyota Hiace van is also called Toyota Regius van. Due to its high durability and top-level quality, it is very popular around the world even as used cars.

Until the 3rd generation, it was mainly used as a commercial vehicle, but after the 4th generation, it has been accepted by car enthusiasts who enjoy some leisure time such as outdoor activities and accepted as private cars in the car market.

The 4th generation Toyota Hiace has undergone various minor changes during the 15-year production period.


The previous model with part-time four-wheel drive changed to the full-time system

Redesigned facelift, wagon rear combination lamp, and rear garnish
Changed from carburetor type fuel supply 1RZ type to Fuel injection 1RZ-E type
4WD changed from part-time type to full-time type

  • Before the change
    LH113 (1992)
  • After the change
    LH113 (1995)
    The design of front bumper has been changed

Driver/Passenger airbags and ABS are standard equipment.

In 1996, the design around the front such as a mask design of the wagon was redesigned to improve the stylishness as a minor change (MC). In the minor change at this time, airbags and ABS are also become as standard equipment, making it possible to improve safety. A tachometer is also standard equipment on the Super GL.

White Pearl Crystal Shine
RZH102V Super GL (2001)

A newly designed front grill has been adopted to enhance the sense of luxury.

In 1999, all vehicles were equipped with dual airbags, ABS, seatbelts with Pretensioner and the Force Limiter as standard equipment, and an electrical interlock door that can be locked and unlocked from the passenger side was added as standard equipment. The safety function has also been greatly improved.

  • Before the change
    RZH112 (1998)
  • After the change
    RZH112 (2000)

In addition to these minor changes, in 2003, the gasoline engine of some vans was changed to the newly developed 1TR-FE, which succeeded in improving output performance and environmental performance.

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Market Price

The lowest price of the 4th generation Toyota HIACE is FOB US$1,910 -

The price of Hiace vans varies depending on the model code and grade, and if it is a used car, the mileage affects the price range.

  • Comparision by Transmission

    Updated date:
    Transmission Model Used Car
    AT RZH112V US$ 3,150 - US$ 5,540
    MT RZH112V US$ 4,500 - US$ 7,190
  • Comparision by each drive types

    Updated date:
    Drive Types Used Car
    4WD US$ 3,030 - US$ 6,590
    2WD US$ 2,840 - US$ 5,820

List of Market Prices for Each Model

Updated date:
Model New car prices Used car prices
RZH112V US$ 12,800 - US$ 21,100 US$ 3,320 - US$ 7,000
RZH102V US$ 12,710 - US$ 21,010 US$ 2,630 - US$ 6,120
RZH112K US$ 13,660 - US$ 16,580 US$ 2,920 - US$ 4,710
TRH112V US$ 14,030 - US$ 22,700 US$ 3,010 - US$ 6,590
TRH102V US$ 13,990 - US$ 22,160 US$ 3,100 - US$ 4,050
LH103V US$ 13,470 - US$ 18,080 US$ 2,820 - US$ 3,860
LH172V US$ 14,130 - US$ 23,550 US$ 3,390 - US$ 6,400
LH178V US$ 17,050 - US$ 25,810 US$ 2,920 - US$ 5,180
Compare Models

Toyota Hiace Van vs Mazda Bongo Van

For those who are planning to buy Japanese vans, we would like to introduce Mazda Bongo van and Nissan Caravan besides Toyota Hiace vans.

The Spec Comparison Table of Mazda Bongo van and Toyota Hiace van

Model Toyota Hiace Van Mazda Bongo Van
New Car Prices US$ 21,702 - US$ 17,290 -
Body type Van
Dimension 4.695 x 1.695 x 1.980 m 4,065 x 1,665 x 1,930 m
Displacement 1,998 - 2,982 cc 1,496 cc
Output Performance 109 - 160 97
Transmission 2WD, 4WD
Seats 3, 5 - 10 5
  • Mazda Bongo Van is More Affordable but Toyota Hiace Van is a Safer Car

    In terms of the specifications of the van itself, there is no big difference between which one is absolutely better. If it is difficult to buy Toyota Hiace van due to budget constraints, Mazda Bongo van is most likely to be purchased, which is relatively inexpensive.

    However, Toyota Hiace van has become by far the most popular van due to its overwhelming durability, name value, and great customization options.
    The table shown the price differences of Toyota Hiace van(2003) and Mazda Bongo van(2003).

    Model Car Price Durability Popularity
    Toyota Hiace Van US$ 6,000 -
    Mazda Bongo Van US$ 3,450 -
  • Even if it is a used car, safe maintenance and high running performance are also reasons for its popularity.
    carused.jp has such Hiace in various grades, models, and prices!

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