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Toyota Hiace Van Overview

Toyota hiace van is a cab over type car.
It was first released in 1967, and still Hiace van has become by far the most popular van due to its overwhelming durability, name value, and customization. The newest model is the 5th generation and is called the "200 Series", and it has already been 15 years since its launch in 2004.

The main model of used cars is also the current model. The 5th generation Hiace has three body types, a van, a wagon, and a commuter. The name of the Hiace van has been changed from the 5th generation to the standard size of 4.69m in total length as a "long model".

Popular keywords and specifications for Hiace van

There are several Toyota hiace for sale and there are some popular keywords and specifications.

Engine & models

The top popular engine of Toyota hiace van is 1RZ and 1TR. 1RZ engine is installed in the 4th generation hiace van. The long model RZH112 with 2.0L gasoline and 1RZ engine, the short model RZH102, and the high roof (Hiace commuter) model RZH112K are popular. The manual High deck is extremely popular, especially in African countries. 1TR engine was improved to have more power and cleanliness. 1TR TRH200V and TRH200K are very popular with customers from Africa such as Tanzania, Congo, and Kenya.

If you want to lower the cost of the car and smooth driving, we recommend choosing a gasoline engine. If you want to have the strength and economic efficiency, we recommend choosing a diesel engine. Other than those models, KDH models are popular too which have diesel engines and long body length. They also have a super long size which is KDH221K.

Search stocks for Toyota hiace, kdh van for sale and others

Toyota hiace van price

Hiace van has several body types, which Toyota Hiace van price has a wide range. RZH112, RZH102 are one of the popular models of hiace vans and the price range is about US$2,600 to US$ 7000 used Toyota hiace price.

Price range for each popular model

RZH112AT$3,000 - 7,000MT$5,000 - 10,000
RZH102AT$4,500 - 6,000MT$6,000 - 8,000
TRH200AT$3,500 - 15,000MT$5,000 - 16,000
KDH205AT$4,500 - 16,000MT$5,000 - 17,000
KDH206AT$4,000 - 18,000MT$4,500 - 19,000
KDH201AT$3,500 - 15,000MT$4,000 - 17,000

Common issues that you will find in used toyota hiace

When you buy a used hiace van for sale you might find some issues.
Some cheap Toyota Hiace vans are susceptible to emitting thick white smoke on startup. This is usually an indication of a turbo problem. It is normal to expect a Toyota Hiace van for sale to perform with no issues for a long time. After all, this is quite a durable workhorse. However, many owners complained about a shaking clutch when they place the gear to the first position. Most of them reported that this happens just as the engine starts to warm up.

Popular usage

Most popular usage of hiace van is to transport luggage or people but there is more usage in Toyota hiace vans. One of the popular usages is Toyota hiace camper. Toyota hiace campers for sale are becoming popular in North America.

Popular usage which was purchased from Carused

There are several examples of usage which were purchased from us.

  1. To transport people and luggage (Most popular usage)
  2. Camper van (Toyota hiace camper)
  3. For leisure use
    When you need a large luggage space such as skiing or surfing.
  4. To transport cash
    Cash transport is one of the popular usages of Toyota hiace vans. For safety use, usually Toyota hiace panel vans are purchased. The difference between panel van and usual van is that if you can see inside from the window or not.
  5. Refrigerator / freezer truck
  6. Handicap car
    Hiace vans which have space for wheelchairs or baths for welfare use.

Also, the customizability and the space make it excellent as an ambulance, tour van, and minibus in various countries. They are also easy to drive with responsive controls and relatively small turning circles. This makes them great as delivery vans.

Rivals of Toyota Hiace van

There are several brands that sell van type units like Toyota hiace vans. Nissan Caravan and Mazda Bongo van are often compared. If we only compare the Toyota hiace price, it would be more expensive than both Nissan and Mazda. However, if you compare by specification Toyota hiace for sale in japan has the best quality. uses cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience by showing personalized contents, promotions and targeted ads. Learn more

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