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Toyota hiace-van

Toyota Hiace van

It is a cab over type car.
It was first released in 1967, and there were lineups of short wheel base (standard body) and truck back then, but those are gone now, and there are only long, super long, wagon, light van, and commuter (micro bus).
The price is a little bit high, but it is widely used by many companies as a cargo vehicle or a company car for its durability, engine power, and large load capacity.
Other uses include passenger applications such as shuttle bus, jumbo taxi, fixed-route bus, and community bus, and special applications include ambulance and sleeping car.
For personal use, it is often used as a transporter for hobby tools such as racing motorcycles and remote control airplane, as well as a base vehicle for vanning and camping car.
For its high durability, it is popular in emerging and developing nations along with Toyota Hilux.
The source of the name is from "ToyoAce," and it is a coined word from English word "High" that means "High class" and "Superior," and the English word "Ace."