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There are approximately 50,000 cars going up for auction every week from Tuesday to Saturday.

There all the types of vehicles you can imagine from JDM, classic cars, luxury cars, European left hand drive cars, SUV, sedans, compacts to trucks and commercial vehicles.

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Method of Use

  1. Step1
    Fill in the application form

    To get your unique ID and password you need fill in the application form and then it will be assessed on our side.

    Please note that we prioritize dealers and wholesalers who already have importing experience from Japan or customers who knows the process and are ready to buy.

  2. Step2
    Browse and find your vehicle

    • - You can select vehicles you are interested in and put them on your watchlist.
    • - You can now sort the vehicles by left hand drive making it much easier to search.
    • - You can access all the available pictures for the cars directly.
  3. Step3
    Make a deposit and place your order

    Once you are ready to try to bid on a vehicle you can make your deposit and place your budget on the selected vehicle. The deposit is required to bid on your behalf and make your bid active.

    Our auction deposit is 100% fully refundable! You can have it refunded at any time you want.

  4. Step4
    Payment after successful bid

    Once you are successful with your bid, we will prepare an invoice for you to settle the payment by bank transfer within 2 business days. Please note that the deposit amount cannot be included to pay for the invoice.

  5. Step5
    Shipment and receiving the vehicle

    Once we receive the payment, the logistics team will inform you about the estimated shipping schedule of your vehicle. It takes about 2 weeks for the vehicle to depart from Japan because it needs to be transported to the port and go through clearance. After the vehicle departs, we will send you all the necessary documents by DHL in order for you to clear the car from customs once it arrives.

    Approximate shipping times from departure

    Wellington 2 weeks
    Bremerhaven 5 weeks
    Southampton 4 weeks
    Dar Es Salaam 4 weeks
    Kingston 5 weeks

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