What is Auction

Most private users and brokers in Japan sell their cars through the Japanese Used Car Auction which has more than 190 auction houses throughout Japan. The Car auction is where majority of the used car dealers you know get their stocks from. It is the biggest used car "shopping mall" as you might say, but are only accessible to local used car dealers.

50,000 cars every week with USS

USS is Japan's No. 1 company operating a membership-based used car auction, boasting a share of over 30% of the used car auction market. Number of consigned vehicles: Approximately 50,000 every week

At Carused.jp, you can access this tool!

  • You can see over 50,000 cars from the largest auction houses in Japan called USS.
  • You can see the original prices of the cars before dealers put a margin on it.
  • You can decide on how much your budget is for the car based on it's market price.
  • You can make more profit by buying the cars at a wholesale price!

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