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Toyota Dyna Overview

For more than 60 years since the Toyopet Route Truck, the prototype of the Dyna, was launched in 1956, the Dyna has been supported by many drivers and has continued to support domestic logistics. This vehicle is also a light-duty truck sold under OEM supply of Hino's Dutro (2-ton class) and is available in 2-ton and 1-ton classes. The 1-ton class is the only size sold by Toyota. In addition to the truck model, there are also van models, Toyota Dyna Van.

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The Dyna has its roots in the RK52 semi-cabover Root Truck, which utilized the chassis of the Toyopet Truck RK23 model. The current model is the 8th generation, and has undergone model changes to enhance its appeal.

Engine & models

Toyota Dyna BU66 (BU60 BU61 etc.)

The fifth generation of Toyota Dyna has one of the most popular U60 to U90 series such as BU60, BU61 and BU66. The 5th generation Dyna was communized with the Toyoace, and after a minor change in 1988, it was divided into early and late models. Seven types of B-type diesel engines were introduced, and the late model adopted the 4.0L straight-4 engine 1W type.

At that time, gasoline engines were changed from the R-type series to the Y-type series, and LPG vehicles were reconfigured for co-ops and packer trucks for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Toyota Dyna BU112 (BU107 BU212 etc.)

The sixth generation of Dyna, the series of U100 to 200, is also popular. For the 6th generation, front-wheel independent suspension was added to standard cab diesel models other than dump trucks, a driver's airbag was made available as an option, and 4WD was added to vehicles with a 1-ton load.

14B engine

The Toyota B engine is Toyota Motor Corporation's family of water-cooled, inline four-cylinder diesel engines. The type is OHV 8 valve, and displacement is 3.661 liter. The bore x stroke is 102.0 x 112.0 (mm). Its output is 72kW (99ps) / 3,400rpm and torque is 240 N-m (24.5 kg-m) / 1,800 rpm.

15B engine

The 15B engine is a long stroke type engine with a bore (bore) of 108.0 mm, stroke (stroke) of 112.0 mm, and bore stroke ratio of 1.04. The 15B engine has a bore diameter of 108.0 mm, stroke of 112.0 mm, and bore stroke ratio of 1.04.With a compression ratio of 18.4 and a displacement of 4104 cc, the diesel-spec turbo engine produces a maximum output of 170 ps (125 kW) / 3000 rpm and a maximum torque of 43.0 kgm (421.7 Nm) / 1600 rpm.

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Toyota Dyna Average FOB price

BU112US$ 8,500 - 9,500

Common Issues With Used Toyota Dyna

Some problems with a vehicle only become apparent after many years of use. However, others are technical problems where manufacturers are forced to issue a recall.

Fortunately, manufacturers provide needed maintenance for defects for an unlimited amount of time. Accordingly, you'll want to have your mechanic check if any recall fixes were missed if you purchase a used Toyota Dyna. You can start by having the mechanic check your vehicle history with the VIN number.

Toyota Dyna is a quite reliable car and there are much fewer reports of potential problems compared with other cars.

Diesel models of the 200 series Dyna have been reported to be at risk of engine malfunctions, idling problems, and fuel leaks due to cracks in the nozzle that injects fuel.

Popular Usage

Dyna has a lineup of 1-ton and 2-ton classes. In addition, Dyna also sells dump trucks. Dump has three grades: 10' deck, full-just-low (2WD), 10' deck, high floor, 3-roll and 10' deck, full-just-low (4x4).

As Dyna is designed as a truck, it is basically used as a cargo truck. For its varied version, it depends on the user how to use the truck.

Rivals of Toyota Dyna

For some common points and similarities, Toyota Dyna is often compared with Toyota Town Ace.

The Town Ace is a cab-over or semi-cab-over one-box commercial vehicle and its derivatives, passenger cars (so-called minivans) and light trucks, produced and sold by Toyota Motor Corporation since 1976.

Focusing on sizes, Toyota Dyna has 7.3m x 2.3m x 2.1m for its body while Town Ace has 4.6m x 1.9m x 1.6m so that Dyna is more spacious. Beside the size, Toyota Dyna has 2 to 7 seaters while Town Ace has 2 to 3 seater models.

In addition, fuel capacity of Toyota Dyna is larger than Toyota Town Ace because Dyna has 60 to 300 liters while Town Ace has 43 to 50 liters.

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