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Isuzu forward

Isuzu Forward

ISUZU FORWARD is a mid-sized truck manufactured/sold by ISUZU.
The model concept is “comfort adaptable to travelling method”.
Outside of Japan, it was introduced to the market as the T series of CHEVROLET and the F series of ISUZU. Alongside the global-bestseller model ELF, it has the potential to become a world-standard model in its class.
There are 3 variations available for the ISUZU FORWARD. The “F-cargo”, which includes both the dry van and wing, the refrigerator truck “F-cargo cool”, and the eco-friendly “FORWARD CNG” which uses compressed natural gas for fuel.
There is the short type and the full type for cab variation. The short cab leaves room for both comfort and performance FORWARD offers. The full cab comes with a bed space, suited for long drives. There are also 2 types of cab widths, the standard and wide.