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Toyota corolla-rumion

Toyota Corolla rumion

When it comes to passenger comfort, nothing does it better than the Toyota Corolla Rumion. Also known as “Rukus” in Australia, the Corolla Rumion is a wagon manufactured under the Toyota nameplate. Thanks to its unique box-like body type, it can turn heads even on bustling urban roads. Inside the Rumion, drivers and passengers can find limitless comfort because of its luxurious features. Aside from its extra legroom, it also has advanced car features such as an easy-to-use seat adjustment system and a high quality pro-audio set-up. Plus, it has a spacious compartment, which can be further expanded by its adjustable back row. The high-end versions also feature a huge panoramic sunroof, a climate control and an aerodynamic system. With the Toyota Corolla Rumion, style, comfort and performance are always just a heartbeat away.