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Toyota Mark X Overview

The Toyota Mark X is a mid-size sedan manufactured at the Motomachi factory in Japan from 2004. They announced the Toyota Mark X as the successor to Toyota's Mark II that they produced from 1968 to 2004.

Toyota has produced two generations of the Mark X. The first generation ran from 2004 to 2009. The second-generation picked up in 2009 and continues to this day.
Though there are variations throughout the models and years, the Toyota Mark x's are a mid-size, 4-door sedan. All models have front-end engines, though depending on engine size they come in both rear-wheel and four-wheel drive.

Popular Keywords and specifications for Mark X

As you search for information on the Toyota Mark X, a few keywords continuously pop up, big sedan, sporty sedan, old-school and mid-size sedan. But you will also come across words like luxury, powerful, reliable, and inexpensive.
The Toyota Mark X is far from a mundane or generic 4-door sedan. Consistent across all models is the luxurious touch, modern aesthetic, and innovative features combined with remarkable power under the hood.

1st generation (GRX120,GRX121,GRX125)

The Toyota Mark X 1st is from 2004-2009. It came with an engine that was upgraded from the previous Mark II. It is also a vehicle subject to tax reduction measures based on the green tax system.

The Toyota Mark X's features definitely vary between all of its grades and trims. But since its first model release in 2004, you can count on smart start options, an intelligent anti-theft system, as well a sleek black leather interior and the classic wood grain accented steering wheel.
In the mid-2000s, They also added a newer 6-speed automatic transmission, which came equipped with a sequential shiftmatic that makes manual shift operation possible.
They introduced 4GR engine (2.5L V-type 6-cylinder DOHC engines). No matter the changes and upgrades, the Toyota Mark X has remained reliable and dependable through the years.
Most models feature a black cargo rack on the roof, and standard trunk space is 479 liters, with even more once you fold the back seats down. No matter the chore, the Toyota Mark X will be able to handle what you need.

2nd generation (GRX130,GRX133,GRX135)

2nd Mark X has two key smart entry systems. They upgraded the anti-theft system to now be able to immobilize the engine.
With the 2009 Toyota Mark X, they introduced a sportier, higher-quality model. To give it that sportier feel, they included engine 4GR (2.5L V6) and a new engine 2GR (3.5L V6).
The fuel economy is the same for the 2010 Toyota Mark X, 10.5 km/L. Toyota decided not to change much between the 2009 and 2010 models.
Engine options are still either a 4GR (2.5L V6) or 2GR (3.5L V6).
These engines are continued through the rest of the second-generation model line.

Toyota Mark X used price range (FOB)

GRX120 US$ 1,800 - 3,000
GRX130 US$ 2,800 - 4,500

Popular Grades and Equipment

The standard models of the second-generation Toyota Mark Xs had two drive options. The 250G, 250G "F package and relax selection came with a rear-wheel drive and a four-wheel drive was offered in the 250GFour option.
A premium variant was offered in 2009 and 2013. The exterior options included the mall-plated grille and a unique front bumper design. A nanoE air ventilation system and super UV cut class was also used in this grade.
Toyota's Mark X also came in a sports variant, released in 2009 with the 350S GRX133 and 2016's 250RDS GRX130, and 2017s 250RDS GRX130.
The Toyota Mark X sports grade came with a standard rear trunk spoiler, a redesigned front, and rear bumper design, and a rear diffuser. A smoked coating on the head and tail lamps differentiate the sports model from other Mark Xs.

Common Issues With Used Mark X

Overall, there are few issues with the Toyota Mark X line. There have been sparse complaints on the ground clearance of some models. Most models have a ground clearance of 6.1" or 155mm, this can be low depending upon your environment.
The Toyota Mark X's are very powerful cars, the 4GR engines accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 8.4 sec and the 2GR engine accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 6.5 sec.
Having so much power, combined with a fairly high mass, can make braking feel strained. It does take time to stop, so any racing needs to be done with care.
Some have complained that a redesigned rear makes the car look smaller, but this is purely a perception issue.
With standard maintenance, these are very dependable and reliable vehicles. There are no major long-term issues.

Popular Usage

Most users praise these vehicles as reliable everyday commute cars. With ride-sharing being so popular these days, the Toyota Mark X is a perfect choice.
Though sporting an average fuel economy, it still offers stability at high speeds and a smooth ride.
There are reports of some enjoying racing certain models of the Toyota Mark X's.

  1. As an everyday vehicle
  2. To transport people and their items
  3. As a work vehicle. Either taxi or ride-share
  4. For leisure, plenty of luggage space

Rivals of Mark X

The Toyota Mark X totes a high-end, luxury experience for manageable budget-friendly prices. But there are a few contenders for the Mark X position.
One such competitor would be the Toyota Crown. In a side-by-side comparison, they are quite similar.
Both 4 doors with 5 seating. The top speed for both is 180 km/h. The engine options are identical as well, as both offer 2.5L or 3.5L. The fuel tank for both is 71L.
Now the dimensions are similar, with the Crown just a smidgen longer at 4.86' to the Toyota Mark X's at 4.75'. Torque is close as well, with the Crown 243 Nm - 377Nm at 4800 rpm, and the Toyota Mark X is 179 Nm - 280 Nm at 4800 rpm.
The Toyota Mark X does have an edge in max power offerings, where it is able to hit 321 hp at 6400 rpm. Compared to the Crown's top 315 hp at 6400 rpm.


Due to the slowing demand for sedans in Japan, sales for the Toyota Mark X had begun to drop in late 2018. Which led to the announcement that Toyota was discontinuing the popular Mark X line.
When Toyota ended production on December 23rd, 2019 a total of 6.9 million units had been produced. These numbers also reflect the Mark II that first began in 1968.

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