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Toyota prius-alpha

Toyota Prius alpha

The Toyota Prius Alpha, more popularly known as the Toyota Prius v and the Toyota Prius a, is a compact multi-purpose vehicle first manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation in the year 2011. Sleek and elegant on the outside but tough and robust on the inside, the Prius Alpha is a top-class vehicle engineered with Toyota’s hybrid system, which means that it is both gasoline and electric powered. It was engineered with four different modes: the EV, Eco, Normal and Power driving modes. As drivers switch into these modes as they drive around towns and cities, they can significantly improve gas mileage while lessening carbon emissions. Aside from its highly innovative driving system, the Toyota Prius Alpha was also built with advanced safety features, including an advanced parking guide system, a pre-collision system and a radar cruise control. Indeed, when it comes to modern-day driving, nothing does it better than the Toyota Prius Alpha.