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Toyota alphard-hybrid

Toyota Alphard hybrid

Out of all the stars in the Hydra constellation, Alphard shines the brightest, making it the perfect name to the best MPV released by Toyota--the Toyota Alphard Hybrid. The full-sized version of the model is a certified ULEV (Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle), which means that its emission level scored three-fourths lower than the benchmark set by Japan in the year 2000. Engineered to significantly increase efficiency while eliminating friction, the Toyota Alphard Hybrid is powered by a 2.4-liter engine tailored to match Toyota’s hybrid system. Another amazing feature of the Alphard Hybrid is its ability to automatically calculate and monitor hydraulic pressure by the use of by-wire technology, which mainly functions to detect vehicular speed and brake pedal pressure. Add to that, the unique selling point of the Alphard Hybrid is its 100-volt AC outlets and its capability to generate up to 1,500 watts, enabling passengers to plug in a variety of electronic device such as emergency lights and laptops.