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Toyota Allion Overview

The Allion was launched in December 2001 as the successor to the Carina, along with its siterer mode, the Premio, the successor to the Corona. The 2,700 mm long wheelbase makes the Allion one of the most spacious cars in its class and, despite being a sedan, it has a double-folding and the rear seats are equipped with a reclining mechanism.

Popular Keywords and specifications for Toyota Allion

Allion is a 5-number size sedan. It has a choice of 1.5L, 1.8L, and 2.0L gasoline engines. Only the A18 grade has a choice of 2WD or 4WD drive system, and both are equipped with the Super CVT-i automatic continuously variable transmission, which saves fuel performance and reduces gearshift shocks.

In addition to the engine system, the Allion is an easily maneuverable sedan with a 5-number size, but it has a spacious interior. The interior design incorporates wood-grain panels to create a luxurious feel, and the white color of the meter illumination and indicators expresses advanced design and improves visibility.

Engine & models

Toyota Allion NZT240 (ZZT240, ZZT245 etc.)

The T24# such as NZT240 and ZZT240 are models of the first generation of Toyota Allion from 2001 to 2007. It is a sister model that shares basic parts with the Premio but is slightly differentiated from it.

Originally, the engines were the 1.5L straight-4 1NZ-FE type (maximum output 109ps/maximum torque 14.4kgm), the 1.8L straight-4 1ZZ-FE type (FF: maximum output 132ps/maximum torque 17.3kgm, 4WD: maximum output 125ps/maximum torque 16.4kgm), the 2L straight-4 direct injection 1AZ-FSE type (Three types were available: maximum output of 152 ps/ maximum torque of 20.4 kg. The 1.5L/1.8L models were paired with a 4-speed torque converter AT, while the 2L model was equipped with a CVT.

In the first generation, four models are available: NZT240 1500cc/Front-wheel drive model, ZZT240 1800cc/Front-wheel drive model, ZZT245 1800cc/4x4 drive model and AZT240 2000cc/Front-wheel drive model.

Toyota Allion NZT260 (ZRT261, ZRT265 etc.)

For the second generation from 2007 to 2021, T26# models such as NZT260 and ZRT261 are available. The platform is a carryover from the previous 240 series.

Although the body size is not much different from the previous generation model, the interior length and width have been increased to provide a spacious interior. The body is the same as that of the Premio, but it has a more youthful and sporty appearance. As with the previous generation, aero parts and low-down springs continue to be available as dealer-installed options. The new model, which was upgraded in June 2016, has a more luxurious character that is almost identical to that of the Premio, and optional features such as aero parts were discontinued at the same time.

In 2010, the "A15 HID Edition", "A18 HID Edition," and "A18 G Package Luxury Edition" special edition models were launched.

1NZ engine

Toyota 1NZ-FE is one of the main engines of Toyota Motor Corporation, one of the NZ engine types. Its displacement is 1,496cc, bore x stroke is 75.0mm x 84.7mm, compression ratio is 10.5. It has 109PS/6,000rpm for its maximum output and 14.4kg-m/4200rpm for maximum torque.

2ZR engine

The Toyota ZR engine is a family of liquid-cooled, inline four-cylinder gasoline engines from Toyota Motor Corporation, and the 2ZR engine is a long stroke type engine with a bore of 80.5 mm, stroke of 88.3mm, and bore stroke ratio of 1.10.

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Toyota Allion price (Average)

NZT240 US$ 2,000 - 4,000
NZT260 US$ 3,000 - 5,500

Common Issues With Used Toyota Allion

Some problems with a vehicle only become apparent after many years of use. However, others are technical problems where manufacturers are forced to issue a recall.

Fortunately, manufacturers provide needed maintenance for defects for an unlimited amount of time. Accordingly, you'll want to have your mechanic check if any recall fixes were missed if you purchase a used Toyota Allion. You can start by having the mechanic check your vehicle history with the VIN number.

Toyota Allion is a quite reliable car and there are much fewer reports of potential problems compared with other cars.

The Allion is sometimes reported to have a problem where the selector lever is in the D range and the brake pedal is released, but there is no creep phenomenon, and when the accelerator pedal is pressed, the engine speed rises as if the car is in neutral, but the car does not move forward.

Popular Usage

The Allion is a 5-number size car that is easy to handle, yet it is designed with a luxurious interior that incorporates wood grain decorations, making it suitable for a wide range of uses.

Mostly, it is used as a family car, but it is also popular for enjoying driving.

It depends on you how to use the Toyota Allion!

Rivals of Toyota Allion

Toyota Allion and Nissan SYLPHY are compared due to some common points and similarities. For example, both two cars are almost the same size.

Focusing on engine, one of the most important points, three types of engines are available for the Premio/Allion: 1.5L, 1.8L, and 2.0L gasoline engines. There is no hybrid model available. Compared to the Sylphy, the Sylphy has only a 1.8L engine, which means that the Premio/Allion has a wider choice of engine lineup.

In addition to engines and driving abilities, the range of prices for used Allion is large. It means that you can choose Allion from varied conditions, and the best price for you.

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