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Toyota camry

Toyota Camry

From the narrow-bodied Celica Camry released in the year 1982 to the sleek and robust 2018 Camry model, the Toyota Camry is undeniably one of the most long-standing and undisputed series manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation. With 12 generations under its name plate, the Camry has continued to evolve to meet the needs of different types of consumers. From a compact vehicle, previous models changed into mid-sized vehicles that exude class and unbeatable performance. Most Camry models are powered by a 2.5-cylinder, 4-cylinder engine, which is able to run up to 32 mpg. Aside from external modifications, the Camry has also received major upgrades on its comfort and safety features, making it the perfect choice for every car enthusiast who are looking for the best value vehicle.