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Volkswagen up

Volkswagen Up

Volkswagen Up! Hatchback is a small size car that is best suited for city set up with its inception in the market back in the year 2011. The car features a front engine with a front wheel drive type transmission. It is packed with a 1 liter engine with three inline cylinders with the option of a battery electric. The Volkswagen Up! has generated positive feedback from local and international markets and even has an international award as the World Car of the year granted in 2012. The hatchback is offered in both manual and automated transmission with a variant of 5 and 6 speed gear system for the manual and a 5 speed for the automatic. This also features a fixed one speed gear ratio. The interior is as functional as the exterior with automated climate control system air conditioning, 5 sizeable seats that can be collapsed, airbags for the driver and passenger, child protection features and so much more!