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Volkswagen polo

Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo features a larger design and has been modified to include more technological applications than all its other previous models. It is packed with a 1 liter turbocharged TSI engine with a power output of 94bhp. Its interior features a digitized dashboard fitted with an active information display. Other technological leaps by the Polo Hatchback include a self-parking system and an adaptive cruise control. Its top interphase now includes a panoramic sunroof and an internal layout that is in a distinctive class. The touchscreen display on the dashboard is 8 inches accompanied by a modern air conditioning, dual zone climate control, DAB radio with Bluetooth functions. It can be integrated with smart phones having the Android Auto and Apple carPlay for your convenience. It also features comfy sports seats with leather upholstery that is not limited in sitting space. The hatchback is truly remarkable and easy on the eye with its excellent finishes.