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Volkswagen golf-variant

Volkswagen Golf variant

The Golf variant series features a more detailed design that is sharper to the eye and improved performance in the engine with the inclusion of technological aspects to aid in navigation assistance. The car is fitted with a 1.2 liter TSI engine with a maximum horse power of 200 ps and a capacity of 1984 cc. It has an all-wheel drive transmission and the hybrid power train hence making its maneuverability in hard terrains seamless. The new LED lights have added illumination properties and also include front and rear fog lights. The interior has 5 seats and an ample trunk for maximum load. It also features a touch screen interphase for infotainment which can be operated using gestures, elaborate air conditioning, a wide range of audio options with power speakers, air bags and anti-locking brakes for safety, power steering and windows, smartphone integration channels, climate control and so much more!