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Volkswagen golf-touran

Volkswagen Golf touran

Volkswagen Golf Touran is a multi-purpose compact car that has been in the market since 2003. It is usually offered with 5-7 seats and fashioned to create maximum space for load and passengers. Golf Touran features a 2 liter TDI engine with 4 inline cylinders able to comfortably produce an output of 140 PS. It has done its fair share of integrating modern technology in its drive mechanism with applications such as drive assist which assists the driver in symmetrical parking. It also comes with an automatic display panel on the dashboard sensitive to motions and gestures. The Golf Touran can accommodate up to 1857 liters of luggage when the seats are folded down but also accommodates 743 liters with every other seat in place. Additional features for the car include a modified air conditioning with vents, air bags and anti-locking brakes for maximum safety, all audio options, smart phone integration, power steering and windows in an endless list of accessories.