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Volkswagen Jetta

Volkswagen Jetta had its initial production back in 1979 and fits in the compact car category designed for a sizeable family. It was a success internationally hence has undergone several generations improving its performance and technological applications. Its 2 liter engine is turbo charged with 4 inline cylinders able to produce an output of 170 ps. The engine has an overall capacity of 1390 cc and a maximum torque of 200Nm@1500-4000rpm. The Sedan tries to maximize its interior space with its external design with a cargo capacity of 510 liters and passenger allowance accommodating 5 seats. Additional features for the Sedan include an automated climate control, back and front fog lights, all audio options, air bags and anti-locking brakes for added safety, power steering and mirrors, air conditioning with A/C vents, cruise control, cup holders and many more features. Volkswagen Jetta is best suited for a family set up and has a standardized performance in the city and off road.