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Daihatsu tanto-exe

Daihatsu Tanto exe

The Tanto Exe fits in the Kei car category of hatchbacks with its release date back in 2009. This is a hatchback model that has given competitor models such as Nissan Moco, Honda life and Suzuki Wagon R a run for their money with its great features. It is offered with a petrol engine with a capacity of 659 cc aligned to an automatic gear box with a 4 speed gear system and a front wheel drive transmission. Its CVT model has an all-wheel drive transmission and is able to attain a maximum power of 58 ps. Many have taken a special liking to this hatchback because of its ability to economize on fuel at a consumption rate of 1 liter for every 25 km. its interior is quite comfy with 4 sizeable seats that can be adjusted to a preferred leg space. Additional features for the car include a fully accessorized dashboard with automated controls, air bags, power steering, power windows and many other exquisite features.