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Daihatsu mira-cocoa

Daihatsu Mira cocoa

Daihatsu Mira Cocoa also classified as a Kei car was introduced to the automobile industry back in 2009 and was readily accepted for its elaborate features. The retro styled hatch back filled up the spot for the Mira Gino and was provided in L, X, Plus X, Plus L and Plus G forms versions. It’s packed with a powerful power train with a petrol engine of 658 cc capacity able to generate a power output of 58 ps. It also features a CVT transmission offered in automatic with a 4 speed gear system and a variation of all wheel drive and two wheel drive system based on your preference. The Mira Cocoa is also a favorite to many because of its ability to economize on fuel consumption. It utilizes a liter for every 29 km in the urban set up but 25 for a liter on the highway. With a versatile interior, the hatchback is definitely worth the investment.