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Suzuki twin

Suzuki Twin

The Twin model was initially developed as a Kei and introduced to the market back in 2003. It was presented in two options namely the hybrid Suzuki twin and the non-hybrid. The non-hybrid had an incredible fuel consumption of 4.54L for every 100 km and 2.93L for every 100 km for the hybrid. It has an overall weight of up to 600kgs with only two doors and two seats. It comes with multiple features that are unique to this model; such include a 658 cc K6A engine fitted with 3 cylinders each with 4 valves, a foldable passenger seat to maximize storage space, one power window for the driver which works to conserve battery life, automated controls on the dashboard for music and air conditioning. The Suzuki twin is very easy to handle as it can fit in spaces most cars cannot. It comes with two transmissions based on what you prefer; 4 speed automatic and 5 speed for the manual.