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Suzuki wagon-r

Suzuki Wagon r

This model also falls in the Kei car category initially introduced in the market back in 1993 and its long presence has seen to many modifications assimilated to its design. It has an R in its brand to stand for recreation as the Suzuki Wagon has all the proper features to make it appropriate for this function. Its exterior design is drawn from the initial “tall boy” or the “tall wagon” style which features an unconventionally tall body but with a short frontier hence giving it a vertical hatchback. All this specifications maximize its interior space for storage and seat capacity. The Hatchback runs on a powerful 660 cc K series engine popular for its ability to economize on fuel. It is available in both the manual and auto transmissions and entails many modern features in its interior such as infotainment center, air conditioning, power steering and windows, cup holders and so much more! uses cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience by showing personalized contents, promotions and targeted ads. Learn more

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