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Suzuki palette-sw

Suzuki Palette sw

The Suzuki Palette SW is also in the Kei car category released to the market in the year 2008. It comprises of many modern features that have created a lot of sensationalism among Hatchback car lovers. It comes with twin sliding doors and packs a 658 cc power engine. It also has a CVT transmission with an automated 4 speed system. Its FF and F4 layout maximize the interior space of the Palette to accommodate a maximum number of passengers as well as luggage. The interior is as articulate as the exterior with multiple aspects that uplift both the driver and the passengers. The full infotainment controls provide for balancing of the internal temperature in the car as well as a range of stereo option. Its power steering is well adjustable and the doors are modified for child lock protection. This car is suitable for a medium sized family and offers great performance overtime.