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Suzuki jimny

Suzuki Jimny

The Jimny SUV has been developed to offer more performance and safety to its user. It is designed with a compact square exterior for off-road efficiency as well as increasing the situational awareness of the driver. The visibility via windscreen has also been enhanced with a flattened clamshell bonnet and an upright A-pillar. The new Jimny is modified for off-road with a rigid three link axle suspension fitted with a strong coil spring, the four-wheel drive comprising transfer gears of low range, a ladder frame, and complete three angles. Additional features include a keyless entry, a start and stop push button, projector headlamps, automated climate control, reverse parking camera, dual sensing breaking system, comfy shock resistant seats, two airbags, LED daytime lights, a 0.7L turbocharged engine with a 64BHP power output and a 96Nm torque. Feel adequately safe when cruising off-road with the Jimny SUV with considerable low fuel consumption.