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Mercedes Benz sl-class

Mercedes benz Sl class

Especially designed for performance-oriented drivers, the Mercedes Benz SL-Class is built with power, comfort and luxury in mind. It is a grand touring vehicle produced since the year 1954. The model under the first generation is a vintage car that can transport car enthusiasts back to the 50’s. As the series progressed, modifications were made to the models to offer drivers the latest car innovation. Spanning 6 generations, the series is made up of models designed with different mechanical configurations, with the latest facelifted variant released in 2017. The most modern models are engineered with premium-grade engines that range from a 3-liter 362 PS V6 biturbo to a 6-liter 621 hp V12 turbocharged engine. Because the Mercedes Benz SL-Class is able to generate maximum power and torque, it is the perfect vehicle for modern-day drivers who are looking for speed, luxury and reliability.