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Mercedes Benz c-class

Mercedes benz C class

Introduced in the year 1993 as the successor of 190, the Mercedes Benz C-Class series is a compact executive vehicle available in station wagon, sedan, convertible and SportCoupe variants. Prior to the arrival of the A-Class series, the C-Class sedan models were the smallest cars under the marque’s line-up. During its release, the first generation of the series attracted the attention of local and international car enthusiasts because it offered a complete selection of multi-valve engines. The engine type was highly dependent on trim level, with its high-end version powered by a 4-valve-per-cylinder straight-6 engine that generates up to 142 kW; 190 hp. As more generations were released, the original “Baby Benz” boasted upgraded features that can supersede the expectations of different types of drivers. Aside from changes in its engine types, the C-Class series also has extra luxury features that enable an exemplary driving experience.